I think this is a sign…

Um…I just spent over 3 hours on Pinterest looking at stuff for the classroom.  Oh gosh.  I think I may have a problem…
Is there a Pinterest-aholics Anonymous group that I can join?

Found new ideas for my kindergarten phonics and art classes, room decorating ideas and kindergarten science ideas…even though I don’t teach science (yet, ha).

Gosh.  haha 😛
Looks like I truly may have found my calling.

Just a while longer doing what I’m doing then looks like I’ll be headed back to school. 

Good night!

2 thoughts on “I think this is a sign…

  1. It sounds so much fun! I teach students too but they are college going and rowdy as hell, and I don’t get to do decorating and planning or any of the stuff you mentioned… I wish I did! Keep smiling:)

  2. I’m surprised I didn’t reply! So sorry!
    I’m sure that age group has its own perks and challenges too.
    I love the crafty/colorful side of teaching younger kids. And thankful that my school let’s me do this sort of fun stuff with them, as a lot of them don’t. A big reason I decided to stay on with them actually.

    Are you also teaching in Asia?

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