Funny Business

^I actually burst out laughing while reading that, so I figured I’d share 😀

Two for two with good days this week.
We finally got a real office-style printer/copier at work today…rather than 2 normal household printers.  PRAISE THE LORD.  My gosh.  The old ones broke down all the time because of the heavy volume printing that we have going on…never thought it would happen, but so so grateful.

I also started focusing more on making sentences at my language exchange.  I wanted to work more on actually writing them (I can speak and read…mildly ok…lol), but I think writing will help me make sure I’m saying things correctly.  And it helps to make sure I understand the grammar.
It’s rough, but I think it’ll be good.  Maybe it’ll help with my speaking confidence too.

Anyway, finishing up a bit of Christmas present stuff then off to bed.
Happy Wednesday!  😀

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