New Home Sweet *much bigger* Apartment :-D + Tango

Hey hey!
I moved into my new apartment last week (stressful week…bah.  3 people moving in/out at the same time is no fun).
Anyway, I’m all settled and unpacked and LOVE my new place.  It’s much bigger (not massive, but I have a bigger closet and space for a couch and working out, etc.)  Really cool.  (Video is coming…)
It’s also warmer in this apartment than my last place.

Sheesh.  I just realized how much has happened since the last post.  I’m going to do an outline first so I can keep my thoughts straight and make sure I don’t miss anything.

*Christmas at the orphanage  (separate post)
*1 more year!  :-O (separate post)
*Today’s productivity
*Holiday plans (separate post)
*Vacation (separate post)


Ok, so first, as I mentioned a few months back, I got a bit of extra money (got my severance pay a bit early because we’re changing owners…should talk about that too…sigh.)–and now I have a bit of extra money (after sending money home) to do some fun stuff.
The classes are super reasonable and I’m loving it.

50,000 Won (Around $50, give or take a bit) for 6 classes. (1 lesson a week for about an hour and a half, plus an extra hour of practice time after class—and a discounted rate to the milonga practice session on Thursdays)
Anyway, the classes are all in Korean, which shocks some of the Korean people that I’ve met (that I’d be able/want to take classes–actually shocks some foreigners too–at home mostly).  But honestly, once you’ve been here for a certain amount of time, you sort of get over the fact that you can’t understand what’s going on around you.  You sort of tune everything out (also part of the reverse culture shock that happens when you get home and CAN understand EVERYTHING around you).
Anyway, it’s a dance class, and I just watch what the instructors are doing, and since it’s a visual thing, I haven’t had any issues really.
The only problem that I have had is that the instructors talk for about 20 minutes at the beginning of class (in Korean obviously)–about various topics–dress code, history of tango, feeling the music, types of music, beats, etc etc.
I would miss out on THAT aspect, but otherwise it’s ok.
HOWEVER, Korean generosity shines through here too–On my first week, a middle-aged lady was sitting next to me, discovered that I had no idea what the instructors were talking about (during the beginning speaking part), and would mutter/whisper the general idea of what they were discussing.  IE: “dress code”, “introductions”, “tango music”

Very sweet.

BUT…it gets better.
Yesterday, I went to class (class 2), and someone (not sure if he was asked to do it or not) with really good/decent English had typed up an English translation of the syllabus for me (student, not an instructor).  THREE pages worth!  He also sat next to me and translated the speaking part of the class for me.  (I think he was asked to, or something…), but either way, I was blown away by their kindness.
I’m the only foreigner in the class and everyone has been so friendly–friendly but also with a hint of curiosity about me.
I also kind of assumed that they wouldn’t want to dance with me because I’m a foreigner, but I had no shortage of dance requests.  🙂  I definitely got in a lot of practice.
We just started partner work yesterday and basic “walking” steps.  Interesting walking backwards and having to let someone else lead.  haha.  Trying my best, but having a good time either way.

I have a list of things to talk about, but I don’t have a lot of pictures or anything to help break up the white space, so I’m going to split up some of the things into different posts.

Anyway, today I was super productive (yesterday actually too), and I’m feeling really good.
*Work (10-7–hour and a half lunch break)
*Language Exchange (7:30-9)  (went til about 9:15)
*Then, at home:
-moved all the clothes from the couch to their respective places
-made the bed
-hung up a lot of stuff
-hung up Christmas lights in the windows
-cleaned off my desk
-bought plane tickets (2nd set for island hopping) for my winter vacation–all settled now
-wrote out a few Christmas cards
-updated my to-do lists
-cleaned off my kitchen/breakfast table (I only have a table–[I have a table!!!!] and a couch [I have a couch!!!!!] because my friend that I got the apartment from asked if she could keep the furniture here (uh. yes.  saves me from getting furniture in the near future) until she gets back to Korea in a few months.

It’s 1:30am here, so I’m off to bed.
No Kindergarten tomorrow morning (Korean Election Day)!  Planning on sleeping in and making myself some french toast and eggs in the morning before heading to work.
I think all of us foreign teachers are headed into work around the normal time anyway so we can get some work/planning done.
Then I’ll still have elementary classes as usual tomorrow too.

Good night! (Good morning and good afternoon too!)