Oh hey! 10 months!

Possibly a pointless post…but hey!  I like a reason to celebrate…

Today (even though it’s just after midnight) marks my 10-monthiversary in Korea

That’s pretty much it  😀  haha

What I’m up to:
Work, dinner with a friend and beginning some cookie baking
(planning on giving cookies to co-workers, the lovely Korean lady (and her family) that run the 7-11 below my work, and bringing some to a holiday party on Saturday night)

Was debating going to Seoul to hunt down tango shoes, but thankfully I was able to find some and order them online (massive thanks to my language exchange partner…who should also get cookies, lol.  Says he really likes them).
Anyway, no need to go to Seoul now, and instead I’ll be spending the day baking and putting together Christmas gifts for friends.
Then a Christmas party that night.

Going to Seoul with a friend

Tango  (ahhh!  I forgot…I was going to bring cookies here too!  My new buddies.  And chances are high that most of them have never had homemade holiday cookies…ever.)
then Christmas eve/Christmas slumber party/brunch at a friend’s place

evening: Yiruma Concert

Wednesday-Friday: work (holiday parties and a language exchange thrown in there too)

Saturday:  vacation  (much-needed.  Ahhhh)

I’ve been making fabulous progress on my to-do list though, so it’ll be nice to have that finished up just in time for vacation  😀


Anyway, good night! 🙂

…My tango shoes are from a company here (international shoes but the warehouse or whatever is here)…but hoping they get here by Monday… :-/
I’m not too thrilled about the prospect of walking backwards in regular pumps…

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