Le Sigh…

I need to sort of vent or think out loud (except on a blog…which is somehow less weird than talking to myself, lol)

So, I was originally supposed to be going home at the end of my contract for 3 weeks (because I asked and they were gracious enough to grant me that request.  To see my family after not seeing them for a year.  Anyway, I digress.  
That was surprisingly moved up (yay!) and I’m now supposed to go home at the beginning of February instead of the end, so I’m back in time for the new semester.
Ok…sounds good.

However, I’m now about 3 weeks away from my departure time and I still don’t have a signed contract for the upcoming year. Which means that I don’t have a plane ticket yet because I’m not booking anything until I’m sure that I will still be with them.
I’ve asked at least 3-4 times now to see this new contract (and so I can book my flights before prices reach the point of being outrageous), but there’s always something that comes up.  “Oh yeah!  We’ll do that later!” or
“Oh, it’s not ready yet, but we can do it on Friday this week!”…then Friday comes and “Oh!  We are completely out of time…we can do it Monday.”  “Ok, so…Monday then?”  “Yeah yeah, Monday.”  *enter Monday*  “When can we discuss my contract?” “Oh, when the director comes”….director doesn’t come or I’m working a 5 class in a row stretch and have only 5 minutes between classes….ie: barely time for a bathroom break, much less time to discuss contracts.

Just getting very annoyed and frustrated.
I’m also a bit irked because it’s in my contract that I should have a paid flight home….but I’m getting $500 (going to get it in Won because the Won is stronger right now, heh) toward that flight.  They said it’s because I’m taking a break between contracts.
Which…granted, I don’t know many people able to take a break between contracts…much less having their school help them with the flight…but…I would THINK that it only makes SENSE (which is nonexistent here) that I would have it paid for.  BECAUSE…it’s supposed to be paid for when I go home (the main point), and then they’d have to pay for someone else to come over anyway.
The director says he wants to recruit people from within the country rather than using recruiters to pull people in from abroad anyway (to save money)….makes sense, but not sure how truthful that is.
He also says since he’s worked in this business for 7+ years (which he has), that he knows “a lot” of foreigners in Korea that would be interested in the job.
Pretty sure THAT’s a stretch because most foreigners that are here are already employed, or they wouldn’t be here very long without some sort of employment due to visa requirements and that sort of thing.

Anyway, I don’t really know what to think.
I don’t REALLY want to leave the school because I like the structure I have with the classes but then there’s also the flexibility there too.  I also really like my students and I LOVE my apartment and the location that I’m in.  I also have a sort of base built here.  I have friends here and finally feel comfortable with where I am.  I have language exchanges and favorite places and that tango class..and just…to start all over again is just…ugh.
I feel like I could get over their ridiculous antics were they were to stop giving me the runaround on this flight and contract business.  SERIOUSLY…about 3 weeks to go.  

Not sure what I’m supposed to do.  I was talking to my grandma, and she said (and I agreed) that it’s probably a power thing.  They’re pushing it off to the last minute so I have no choice but to agree to the terms of the contract.  
A bit shitty (excuse my French) if you ask me, and not a great way to start off a new year with an employee (and one that you (and the students and parents) like), by pushing them into a corner so that they’re forced (or made to feel that way) to agree.

But again..that’s logic speaking.

So, I started actually looking at other jobs tonight.  I still don’t really WANT to leave (reasons above), but I’m trying to keep my options open.  I don’t want to end up feeling like I have no choice in what I do next year.  
I started looking at positions in Seoul (bigger city, lots of options for jobs)–not really a fan of how crowded and congested (and polluted…) it is up there, but here are some of the positives I thought of.

*definite paid for flights–because it’s in the first contract, and the new school usually (99.9% of the time) pays for your RT flights to and from your country.
*I’d get to stay and see the kindergarten graduation (because I’d likely be leaving at my original date)
*More opportunities for foreigners (because the city is bigger)–According to Google, as of 2010, Seoul had 10 million people
*Closer to Incheon airport (less travel time when departing the country, lol)

I dunno, just an option.  Trying not to limit myself, or to let myself feel limited just because they want me to feel that way.  
I have to keep in mind (and it’s true, thankfully for me) that as a female from the Midwest (no/plain accent) of the US that already has a year of experience under her belt…I can get damn near any job I want.
They should be the ones that are nervous and anxious about the future, not me.
And maybe they are…and that could be why they’re doing this.

And to that I say, karma is a bitch,  
How inconsiderate.  

Anyway, it’s late, so goodnight!

One thought on “Le Sigh…

  1. Hey Stacey! my suggestion is to look at options in Seoul and then you can use that situation as an opportunity to hold it over them. Stand your ground and tell them you need a date because of flight arrangements. Be the better negotiator and don’t back down. If they think you might have another opportunity…they may come around sooner. By the way….you write very well and should consider writing a book about your experience in Korea. If you like writing and are interested pursue it! I look forward to seeing you when you’re back in the states. I love you! Aunt Jeanne

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