ROA and Spirit!

One more day of intensives and I couldn’t be happier.  And kindergarten are “maybe” going on a field trip on Wednesday.  *facepalm*  “Maybe”…thanks for being clear about that.  lol

Should be nice to get some work done that morning.  They ask one foreign teacher to go each time, and we usually rotate.  We got a new teacher about 2 months? ago and she’s up to go–apparently it’s Cinderella the musical, which should be fun, so she was up for it (and it’s her turn anyway since she’s new, but it’s nice that it worked out that way).  I just really need some time to work on report cards.

Anyway, 2 things:
I’ve been introducing the concept of “Random Acts of Kindness” (and used the picture from the movie Pay it Forward to show how the actions might influence others, sort of like a domino effect.
I’m sort of putting it into the lesson plans, and one class finished their stuff a month early, so I was free to plan stuff more freely.
There isn’t as much “excuse me/please/thank you/sorry!” here, and holding doors is basically nonexistent.  Elevator courtesy (waiting to enter until the people have exited) is also a treat.  Trying to expose this to them to just make them more aware of their actions, and how it’s perceived from other people.
The thing is, a few of them acknowledge and know that it’s rude, so they were interested in the discussion.
Hopefully it hits home somehow.  I give them homework to think of 7 kind things they can do for other people.  I don’t usually get the types of answers I want, but I think it’s good anyway because it still gets them thinking about how their actions affect other people.

ALSO…I talked with our director about a few ideas I had to spice things up around our school.  He said he was open to hearing our ideas, and I just naturally think of things like this.
So, I presented my thoughts (mostly to get the kids having more fun and also a bit of cheap advertising for the school mixed in too).

My ideas (thanks to my experiences at a US public school):
*A Field Day with English Games–which is basically an outdoor sports day (but adding English games to make it more ESL friendly)–held at a local park
-students could wear school shirts (and they could tye-dye shirts also at the event)
-have a table with info about the school for passerby who are interested

(ignore the school name…Thanks Maryville Elementary! :))

*Spirit Days
We had these in school, especially in high school during the week leading up to homecoming or school dances.
-80s day
-mis-matched day
-pajama day

(sample ideas)

*School Apparel for Purchase
-colored t-shirts available for purchase through the front desk

*School T-shirts for the older students (elementary)
-younger students (kindergarten) have the shirts–we tye-dyed them in art class last summer (and will again this summer), but the older kids should too

–None of this is done here…school is simply that…school.  Study study study!  But thankfully our new director seems interested in adding a bit of fun to our school, so I gave him some ideas.  He honestly seemed shocked and amazed.  I guess that’s how it is though, coming from a country that doesn’t have any of this.
He seemed excited about it though….we shall see.  Hopefully some fun stuff in store  for the near future.
It’s fun for the kids and also cheap advertising for the school. 🙂

Excited! 😀

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