The Next Few Years..

It can’t be normal to have this many potential plans for the next few years of your life…

*2nd year in Korea
*3rd year in Korea
*Back to the US to get my teaching degree or teaching certificate (apparently there’s a way to get a certificate that doesn’t involve getting more debt at a university)

*2nd year in Korea
*Back to the US to get my teaching cert.

*2nd year in Korea
*travel SE Asia and do the Trans-Siberian railway journey in Russia (maybe learn Kung Fu in China)

*2nd year in Korea
*Disney English in China

*2nd year in Korea
*Teach in Japan with my friend Bethany (she works at an AMAZING school and will be going into her 3rd year there)

And then there’s the teaching itself…
-teach in the US, Canada, Europe?…and then where within each place?
-regular kindergarten teacher vs. international school vs. ESL teacher

I’d also want to take Spanish along with whatever route I take, so I can become more marketable in the US.
And I’m a bit over being single too.  I mean, I’m doing a lot and keeping busy, but it would be nice to have someone to join me on the journey.

Anyway, feels better to have all this out of my head.


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