I’m going home this weekend!!!

That is all.  😀

Oh, no it’s not.  Who am I kidding?  haha.
I have all the art projects for kindergarten planned through July.  I think I need to have children of my own soon so I can have a creative outlet, lol.

Hope these kids (and teachers) are ready…
tie-dye, recycling projects, friendship quilts, dyeing Easter eggs (!!! nonexistent here!…so excited to introduce this), class murals, Korean Independence day t-shirts using handprints, clay handprints, name art using popsicle sticks…etc.
So excited!  I love how excited people are here about seeing stuff that we consider standard kids art.  Creativity is nonexistent, or very rare to say the least.  So each art project is a new and exciting thing for them (not just the students!)

Probably why I like this class so much.