Quick Quick!

It’s really late here, but just wanted to add a quick update on the school/money situation.
1. Our director had a meeting with me today and apologized saying he had been really busy, but that the rest of the money I’m owed was being deposited into my account today (remainder of severance, overtime pay from intensives and the rest of my pay from January).
Very happy that that’s all sorted.  A big weight has been lifted!

Working on getting my renewed visa now.  He said he should have that by tomorrow.  From what he said, it sounds like progress has been made since when we originally talked about it, so I trust his words.

Just ready to have this all situated.  I feel a bit bad because I know I’ve gotten pushy, but I don’t honestly see any other way to get things done.
I’m still being polite about it, but I’m just asking frequently.  Because…when I don’t ask, no progress is made, and I don’t get any sort of updates about what’s happening.  So, hopefully all this will be sorted soon so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

2.  I have a hamster!
We had a class pet from Winter Intensives, and I asked to keep him afterward (instead of giving ours to a student, lol) and they said ok.
His original name was “Mystery”, but I renamed him “Munch-a-saurus Rex”, or “Munch” for short.

It’s Munch!


3.  I’m going to be volunteering at a preschool when I get home 🙂  (5 days til American soil!)
I think it’ll be a fun and interesting experience to work in an American preschool and  see any similarities or differences.  The main thing is that I wanted something to do while I’m at home so I’m not sitting around watching tv for hours on end while my family and friends are at work.  😀

Ok, goodnight!

Art Class Updates!

Here are some kindergarten art projects from the past few months!  😀

Making Santa

6-7 Year Olds’ Santas

Winter Trees!


Polar Bears made by painting with marshmallows!!


January art Polar Bears made by painting with marshmallows!

City Skyline–supposed to resemble Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Sky’

One of my favorite projects of the year!