Yay! Some Happy News!

1.  My ARC (Alien Resident Card) card is now updated and ready to go for my second year.
I don’t need a visa as an American citizen, but I’m all set with my documents for year 2.  🙂

2.  After much asking/pleading, my school finally decided to add in an “English Prep” class for our new elementary school kids that are just starting English.
We have been having issues with kids leaving because the classes were too hard and boring for the younger kids.  
The younger kids also don’t have a lot of speaking time built into their classes, so most of them don’t have any speaking confidence (compared to our kindergarten kids and their schedule).
They added the new class to help get the kids excited about learning English, and I’m teaching both English Prep classes (MWF and T/Th).
I can’t even explain how big of news this is.  As a general rule, schools don’t listen to the foreigners ideas…we’re generally ignored and just expected to teach, not contribute.

Anyway, these classes don’t have books, because we want it to be a bit more relaxed in terms of structure….just more fun.  (Our idea, they just put it in the schedule.)  Heh.  
Just so excited to get started.  A bit overwhelmed because there isn’t a book, and I want to do a good job, but really happy because I think we’re moving in the right direction.
They said I could incorporate science, art and anything else I wanted in the class.  Pretty much complete freedom, which is unheard of in the private schools.

I’m thinking of doing art and general speaking (maybe some science experiments too, when their English picks up) one week, and then speaking practice/speeches (that I write) the second week.  Then alternating.
The speeches really helped the kindergartners with speaking practice and get more comfortable speaking in front of others, while using correct grammar.

😀  Lots of excitement and ready to get started…maybe a nice little project I can work on during my break.  

Oh…and 3 days!!!!!!  AHHHH!!!  😀  😀

*dance dance*