2 thoughts on “Classroom Projects Update!

  1. This looks great.
    Tell me, how is teaching in Korea?
    Is the pay alright?
    I’m finishing my TEFL up right now and hope to teach English in Korea.
    I have my doubts, but I’m also excited.
    Would be great to hear from someone with current first hand experience.

    • Teaching here is a great experience and you definitely get to learn how to work and be around different types of people.
      The pay and benefits are great, but your experience will really come down to your school and how well you’re able to cope with changes and new cultures.
      I’ve traveled a good amount for a 26-year-old, but Korea has been the most challenging for me. I think just because the culture is so different from what I’m used to.
      Definitely go for it, and dive right in. Try and learn some Korean and get to know the people. It’s better to try and immerse yourself than to be one of those people that only hangs out with other foreigners and only goes to foreign hangouts. 🙂

      Any idea what city you’re hoping to work in?

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