New Beginnings

Oh hey again!
I never mean for it to be so long in between posts, but life tends to intervene.  🙂

Anyway, I mainly chose to update because I have a few important things happening.  
First, I’m not sure if I mentioned or not, but I have a new school!  I week and I’m pretty excited about it. It sounds like a big change from my last place and I’m ready to get started.  Not before my vacation though 🙂
Which…I’m pretty sure I mentioned this, but I’m going on vacation to Thailand for a few weeks to unwind and play with some elephants 🙂

Today, I met with a realtor (this particular school lets you pick your own apartment instead of moving into a pre-assigned room/apt).  This can be a bit more challenging because you have to do more work, but as I found today…it can actually be really nice BECAUSE you get to choose.  
Today, I met with the realtor that the school uses (she knows the school and shows their teachers better apartments because she knows what they expect, and that it won’t be some rundown, although cheap, place).  I was really nervous at first because she doesn’t speak much English and it was a bit awkward.  
BUT, she was the nicest, sweetest lady I’ve met in a long while.  We worked together through the language barrier by combining my little Korean and her little English and through our translators on our phone.  
She showed me 3 places and I found one that I really liked…it looked pretty new and clean, and it also doesn’t involve me climbing a bunch of stairs.  3 flights…but not that bad.  (I was trying to think about moving and carrying groceries).  
I told her I liked the last one and we’re each going to contact the school (who arranges the payment for the housing) and try to finalize things.

I would move in the day after I get back from Thailand, so that would be nice.  Just need to make sure everything is ok on the apartment first.  
With this apartment, I also get to finally have the Asian/Korean style heated floors 😀  Wooohoooo!  Perfect timing as winter is just around the corner.
I’m in an officetel now and we don’t have those in this kind of building :-/

Anyway, there’s a nice, quick update for you 😀


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