Oh gosh.  1 more, sorry.  😛
This probably means I won’t update for another year now…3 in one day, sheesh.  ha.

This one is pretty short, not to worry.

So, I’m going to Thailand in 2 days and I have this weird thing where I start wondering about things like if the flight is going to be cancelled or if maybe the booking didn’t go through.  Or what if the plane doesn’t show up?

Not in a panicked way or anything, but just in a “Well, lookie here.  I’m at the airport and my flight isn’t here” kind of way.  Kind of like the saying “all dressed up with nowhere to go”.  Sorta.

I dunno.  I think I’m weird, but it feels good to get it out.  

I had this same thing years and years ago when I was in dance and it was recital day.  I’d show up all dressed up and in costume with crazy full make-up on, and start wondering what if I didn’t write the day down right and I was the only one there.

Same for Halloween and such.  Probably why I’m not a huge Halloween fan.  Getting dressed up in costume is weird for me…and I also don’t like spending money on random items just for one day.  (except for my wedding 😀 haha)


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