Just Some Things…

These are just some things I’d love to see in Korea…(and miss from home)

*places to go horseback riding
*horse-drawn carriages in winter
*more Christmas (commercialism) spirit
*places to go horseback riding
*places to do putt-putt golf or ride go-karts
*better bakeries
*garlic bread without sugar
*more places to go ice skating or sledding
*public swimming pools for swimming for fun…not all lap pools
*shoes for women that are above a size 8  (all shoes for women here are below US size 8.  Size 8 is considered large…so if you’re a size 9 or anything higher…you will NOT find shoes here.  Gets a bit old after awhile)
*big kitchens
*more fun runs and SPECTATORS at those runs.  I miss the spectators so much.
*cereal  (and western cereal that costs less than $7 a box)
*PILLSBURY and having a plethora of baking goods and ingredients at my fingertips
*a larger variety of products (I miss our grocery stores with a bajillion types of everything)
*Christmas lights that cost less than $20 a box in stores (I can thankfully order them online for about $5-7 a box.

Anyhoo…just some thoughts.  🙂

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