Holiday Blues

I’m assuming this is just my holiday blues talking, but I’m feeling pretty disappointed with Korea at the moment.
I know Christmas isn’t a main holiday here, but it seems that all holidays over here revolve around being in a relationship.  If you’re not in a relationship, then you’re sad and pathetic.  People go “hunting” at bars and clubs and stuff (guys and girls) in the weeks before Christmas to try and find a bf/gf or someone to be with for the holidays.  
I usually love Christmas and doing gift exchanges and I like the whole concept of Random Acts of Kindness…but…ugh.  Christmas is just like…St. Patrick’s Day or another Valentine’s Day here.  It’s not uncommon for people to work Christmas day and schools are in session on Christmas eve and the day after Christmas.  I know it’s Asia and it’s different, but I think this is one of the hardest parts for me to grasp.  Just feeling really homesick.  
I’m usually fine throughout the year, but a lot of friends have either gone home, moved to other cities or done the whole “ooh!  I got a boyfriend, now I’ve fallen off the face of the planet” sort of thing.

I hate the pressure that seems to exist here with getting a relationship and not being “lonely”.  

Probably another reason why the suicide rate here is so high.  If you’re single, then you’re pitied and people ask all the time about if you’re lonely.  (Uh…I wasn’t until everyone kept asking about it.)  Then the fact that there’s so little vacation time and people are expected to work so much.
Working too much and not having time for family.  But people rushing into marriage because of pressure because they’re “too old” to be single…so rushing out and getting married within a year if they’re too close to age 30.  

But speaking of being in a relationship, I’ve always believed (sometimes more strongly than others) that if I did my own thing and was a strong person, enjoyed my life and was generally happy, that that “right person” or whatever would make his way into my life.  That I don’t have to “go looking” or anything.  I’m beginning to waiver on this a bit and wonder if I’ve messed up somehow.  I’m 27 and still have no sign of that person.  I’m not looking for a Prince Charming or someone to come rescue the damsel in distress…I just want someone to enjoy my life with.  Someone with similar values but different enough that I can learn a bit from him too.  Just…someone to go through life with.  Friendship set on fire, as they say.  Sigh.

Might start with getting out of the country that thinks it’s normal to have a 3-4 week relationship…and to not see eachother ever because of being overworked.  Sigh.

Ugh.  This is a depressing post, but I just wanted to get it out without spamming up Facebook walls with my holiday blues.

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