Christmas: Korean Style

Christmas is pretty different over here in Asia, especially in Korea.  
For Koreans, as I mentioned before, it’s basically another Valentine’s Day.  It’s a time to go do stuff with your bf/gf.  If you’re single, then lots of people will head to the bars or clubs like any other night out.
Stores are all still open like normal.  
You can buy Christmas decorations in stores (Christmas lights are about 20,000–$20, everything else seems reasonably priced though) and it’s usually available around the first of December or so.  You can hear Christmas music in coffee shops and department stores get a bit more dressed up.  There are Christmas cards and sales, but not to the degree as back home.  Baking (cookies, etc) isn’t a really a thing here, so Christmas cookies are more of a thing among the expat/foreign communities.
It seems more Christmas-y compared to last year, and I think it’ll grow more, but I’m hoping they learn more about the giving aspect of Christmas rather than the cutesy parts.  As it is supposed to be the real reason for the season.

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