I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do post-Korea and when I’ll leave and all that.  I’ve also talked with a lot of my female friends here, and we got into the issue of women travelers.  Not about solo-travel, but about the woman that wants a career, a family and to travel.  We talked about how difficult it can be and how different it is for men and women.
Ok, before you dismiss the topic and think I’m about to go on a feminist rant (which may happen in another post, but not today), just hear me out.
We talked about how women (in general, and maybe men as well…I’m not a man, so I can’t speak for them)–women typically have a general idea of when they want to be married and start having kids and all that.
If you asked my teenage self when that would have been, I would have been married already with a kid either under my belt or on the way.  Instead, I went down a completely different road than even I couldn’t have predicted for myself…and I’m happy with it.  But, what we talked about is that how men are able to continue on as a traveler or a nomad for longer without having to also worry about wanting to start and plan for a family (or not as early as women, anyway).
As a woman, they say that you should be about finished having kids by age 35 to reduce risks of disorders and health complications.  Ok, great…I’m 27, so I have PLENTY of time (as people remind me).  “Carpe Diem” , they say.  “You’re living the dream!”
Yeah, I know, but I also want a family.  And factoring in time to actually date and try to find/meet this future husband (seriously though, where are you?), and get married and make sure I have my career situated before I start popping out kids….annnnd that window seems a whole lot smaller.

I have a few friends here that are closer to that 30 mark (or past it) than I am, and they’re definitely feeling the pressure.  They’re also “living the dream” and really enjoying life…but also wanting a family. It gets even more difficult if you want to find someone that doesn’t have children already and hasn’t been divorced, as you get older.  “But you’re so young!  You’re only 27!  Enjoy your life before you have kids!”…you might be thinking.  And that’s true…I want to travel and I have dreams of climbing mountains and going to all seven continents…but I also really, really want to get married and have kids of my own.  And that also takes time.
Trying to find a balance between the two seems to be the difficult part.

I came to Korea to get my life in order, and by the time that I do, I’ll feel very good about leaving and being ready to start the next stage in my life…but I think in the back of my mind, I had hoped that I could find a like-minded traveler over here.  But…alas, that hasn’t happened.  Oh well.
Anyway, I just needed to get that out.

Note: I would still love to travel when I find my person/fiance… (a honeymoon trip to the Himalayas (!!!) or Fiji or the MALDIVES!!!…*sigh*…the list is endless), but…as I said, I really want to be a mom.  😦

Other updates: 
*My goal is to be home for Christmas this year
*Making good progress on paying off my credit card (Yay!  Go me!)
*I’m on Chapter 11 in my Korean book (last update about that was from 12/29 and I was on chapter 6)–A New Year’s Resolution was to finish my Korean book (30 chapters…)
*My planned time to leave Korea is Fall 2015.  (next fall)  I’ll have enough money saved so I won’t be broke as soon as I try and get started back in the US and I’ll have a good chunk of my debt paid off.  (And a DSLR camera in hand.)  Happy Lady.  😀