I can’t even begin to explain how nice it feels to finally NOT have to worry about sending money home/putting my paycheck directly into my bank account as quickly as possible.  Finally have some cushion and it feels fan-frikin-tastic.

I wanted to get this bit written down as well so in 5 or whatever years, I can look back and still be proud of myself for this.
I thought when I came to Korea that I’d be able to save so much money and be able to leave with loans nearly paid off and a giant wad of cash in my wallet.
However, it’ll still be nice when it’s time to go, but I’m not nearly where I thought I would be because:
*Keeping two bank accounts above water (Korean and American) is tough work
*Paying around $400 to my student loans each month
*Having pre-existing debt (and also paying that down)
*Oh, and you want to travel, that will cost money too.  So will getting yourself set up in a new country and you can’t escape buying groceries.

Saving money is A LOT easier than in the US, but not as easy to hold onto it as I was expecting.  Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I had that written down so I didn’t forget and later wonder why the heck I didn’t roll out of here debt-free.  (Which IS possible, but it would take longer than I’m expecting to stay.–Probably could be debt-free after 5-6 total years here)…tempting, but I think I’ll be ready to move on well before that.

Go team,ME!  Hoorah! Hoorah!