A Request

I’ve thought a bit about whether or not to say something, but I decided it was best that I should.

I really would like people to stop asking when I’m moving back to America. 
I think it’s really affecting my decision-making process and making it more difficult.  Yes, I know x person misses me and so does x person.  I MISS YOU TOO.  I am enjoying my life right now and I am trying to better my own future.
I think it looks like I’m off having party time and people seem to be waiting for me to come back and get a “real job”.  Maybe that’s not the case, but just know that I will come back when I can.  I’m happy here and I’m enjoying my life…and I’m not broke anymore.  For the first time in my life, I am not broke.  I have money and I don’t have to eat peanut butter sandwiches or spaghetti for days in a row.
Again, I am working toward creating a better future for myself…and getting to travel and do things that I love in the process…I don’t know why I should be running home so quickly after I’ve achieved this.
I deal almost on a daily basis with guilt or other similar feelings because everyone I know seems to be getting married or engaged or graduating or hitting some other life milestone and I’m on the other side of the planet and I’m missing it.  But, I also know that it’s a choice that I’ve made.  I’m trying my best to stay connected to people while I’m here, but it’s a bit difficult to fly home for every occasion because I have 8-10 days vacation for the year and they are pre-determined dates.  Also, if I fly home (and it isn’t for good…just for a trip back), it comes out of my pocket.  All $1300-1500 of that plane ticket.

Anyway, I’m sure I sound mean, but I’m just trying to express my situation and hopefully put an end to that question.

My current plans:
My newest contract with my current school ends in September/October.  I hope to continue on with this school for an additional year which would put my finish date to be September/October 2015.  I do not get a free flight home this year if I decide to re-sign. The free flights are only the first flight coming to Korea and the last one sending you home for good.  I do however plan on coming home for Christmas (!) this year.  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I want to be home for this one.  And I’ll have enough money this time for the flight.  I have one week’s vacation around Christmas (which is why I can come back–the other week of vacation is at the end of July.  Again, it is predetermined and inflexible.)  

Anyway, time for work!