Korean Women and Progress for a Brighter Future


Another great link for you to read.  Go on, read read.

This is actually something I’ve had personal experiences with while here.  I’d rather not go into extreme detail on the internet, but I’ve had my hands grabbed and such while here and I want to help spur some change if I can.  Typically men don’t physically touch or grab foreign women on the streets (but Korean women will be grabbed and dragged by the wrist by boyfriends and it’s completely normal, but foreign women typically won’t stand for it.)

Anyway, I’d like to incorporate some sort of role-play into my class to help with assertiveness (especially with the girls), but I’m not sure how to go about it because hierarchies are pretty strict here.

I found this link and there are some pretty good role play ideas on there, I’d just need to come up with the skits.  They’re also pretty useful scenarios and they aren’t as blatantly obvious as “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

I was able to sneak in the “strength” bit, so hopefully this can sneak its way in as well.  Anyway, I like to incorporate these things naturally into class, so if anyone has other ideas, feel free to shoot them my way.  Multi-culturalism and different skin tones (“and that’s ok!  Everyone is different!”) has made its way into the lessons too.  It’s not strictly about learning English afterall.  Life skills are just as, or more important.

Oh, these are some great role-play ideas as well.
I’d just need to put the scripts together.  We actually do songs and role-plays from time to time, so these would be perfect.
I’m actually working on my own assertiveness these days (a long, bumpy road out of passive-town), so hopefully these could help me too.  Anyone wanna proofread after I’m finished?  😀  No…really 😀

Edit2:  This one is fabbbbulous!  Breaks it down with times for discussion as well.  They’re so darn sleepy all the time, hopefully a role-play will get them excited.
Sidenote:  We did a Cinderella Role-play a few months ago and one of the boys in my class played the Stepmother and had the best high-pitched, evil, squeaky voice for her.  It was beautiful 😀