My Hands! My Hands!

So, I think summer is on it’s way out which I’m a bit sad about.  I feel like it went by too quickly :-/
However, I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to super sweaty walks to my school or wishing that I could wear shorts in the classroom.  Also, I’m one season closer to being home for the holidays.  🙂  I just wish I had more time out in the sun and at the beach.

Also, yesterday I finally bought some pre-heat cream which I can use before using a hairdryer or a straightener…and not sure if it’s something different with the temperature or this cream, but MY GOSH…my hair is ridiculously soft!!  It’s a-mazing!

Anyway, an explanation of the title is probably in order.  I’ve been working a bit (er…a lot) on a display for my classroom and I’m nearly finished!  Yay!
I’m pretty happy with it because it’s one of three “interactive” displays in my room, which I’m in love with.
Remember the “Careers” section in my newest room update?

(on the right)

Ok, well I wanted something else to go along with it and I made “accessories” or extra vocab cutouts for each of the 20-something jobs that came in the set.

CAM03420 CAM03422 CAM03424

Each job has 3 or more extra vocab words to go with it, which I stuffed into a plain white envelope.  Each brown envelope holds 2-3 of the “job envelopes” for faster searching.
My plan is to switch the jobs out each week (was every two weeks, but I scratched that plan) and a student from each of my three classes can choose the job and the “accessories” that they want to display.  Each job will have only 3 Velcro stickies so it won’t be too cluttered.
Hopefully it’ll be a fun way for the kids to learn some extra vocabulary words.  I was thinking about color-coding them but only thought of it after I already wrote the names on all the brown envelopes.  Ah well.

3 jobs on the community jobs board, 3 accessories per job per week, 3 students total get to change out the jobs (rotate weekly)
I bought a little basket from Daiso (about $5/5,000) to store them in…should be good *fingers crossed*

Again..MY HANDS!!!!  So much cutting!  When I was finished, the file of pictures on MS Word was 32 pages (!)…oi.  Cut those out and laminate.  Cut again.  Label envelopes.  Sort.  Pass out and hope for the best.  😀  Still need to stick velcro onto the back of each card…  Maybe I’ll get a massage this weekend…

Anyway, we’re off Friday for Korea’s Independence Day (from Japan), so tomorrow is my Friday–hoorah!



This is the website where I got my ‘Community Helpers’ printables.  I wanted to share it again because they’re adorable AND FREE!!!

These are great too:


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