Random Ramblings

1.  I gave Munch-a-Saurus (my hamster) his first taste of apple tonight and he loved it.  He tends to lose interest in snacks quite easily but he devoured the little slice that I gave him.  Super cute 🙂

2. Feels like a reenactment of Noah’s Arc around here minus the animals.  So much rain.  I think it’s been raining for two days straight.  (No thunder or lightning though.  Sad me.)

3.  I have a giant (maybe a 4lb.) bag of green beans from Costco in my freezer (now in the fridge because there’s no space) and I have no idea what to do with it.  I really hate the taste of these particular beans and I’ve tried cooking them a few different ways…not to mention, not sure how a single person can eat 4lbs of green beans.  Nor do I really want to find out.
I keep thinking about the starving kids in x country when I think about throwing it out, but I really have no space for it…my fridge/freezer is pretty small.  It’s probably about 5 feet tall and not very wide…maybe a foot or a foot and a half wide?
Ugh.  And it gets pretty hot during the day, so it makes me wonder what would happen to the beans as they sit and bake in the heat tomorrow.  
They have this (I keep thinking “rustic”, but I use that to describe log cabins in the woods, so that can’t be right)…odd taste to them and it doesn’t go away when they’re baked or cooked in a skillet.  Man, I’m losing more and more of my vocabulary the longer I teach English, ha.

Well I guess it’s good that these are currently my life problems.  

But seriously…if you have an idea for these beans, shoot it my way.  Or if you think throwing them out is a viable option, then tell me that too.  haha 🙂


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