What I’m Thankful For

Life seems to enjoy throwing rocks in my path and I’m in the middle of another mountain, so I felt I needed this.

Actually, what I could use is an adviser or someone to take the reins on my life for a bit while I take a much-needed nap.
But since I can’t have that, this list is what you (and I) get.

What I’m Thankful For:
1. This bowl of Lucky Charms cereal that I’m eating as comfort food
2. Costco
3. My family 
4. Having a home that I can always come back to if the going gets too rough to handle
5. Having friends that are there for me and inspire me to be the best me
6. Being raised the way that I was
7. Having a college degree (minus the crushing debt, but ah well, what can you do)
8. Having food in the fridge
9. Speaking English as my first language
10. Having money in the bank (although it never seems to be enough…) and money in my piggy bank
11. Having people I can talk to when times get tough…people that will be there to listen and give advice when they’re able…or even just to listen without judgement or criticism
12. Having a roof over my head and a place to call home
13. Being employed (even if it’s part of the reason I felt the need to write this post in the first place)
14. Not being dependent on drugs, alcohol or any other outside influences or addictive substances
15. My good health

I actually started this post very late last night and then finished it tonight (Sunday) so it changes direction a bit halfway through, not sure if you can tell or if it matters.  Anyway, I think it helps to remind myself of what is actually going well in my life so when times get more difficult, I’m able to stay positive.  Or…try to…and not collapse on my bed and just wonder why these situations seem to choose me.
Anyway, I wish I could give more detail as this is essentially a diary/journal for me, but as it involves work, I’d rather not disclose too much.  

Also, these are my favorite songs at the moment:

Unconditionally–Katy Perry

Here Without You–Sam Tsui

Hopeful–Bars and Melody

Lay Me Down–Sam Smith

Feeling Myself–Will.I.Am, Miley Cyrus and a bunch of other people 
(The video is what you’d expect of a Miley/hip-hop video, so take that for what it’s worth)  The song has a nice beat though 😀  Helps pick me up after a rough day 😀 
The Phoenix–Fall Out Boy

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)–Fall Out Boy (Great for Running or exercise)

All of Me–John Legend

Actually, all songs with a good melody and some piano or violin in them are near-instant favorites…Cannot get enough….

Ok, that’s good for now.

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