Most Likely Cause of Death

So, I find it very interesting that (in my humble opinion), out of all of the crazy things I’ve done in my life that my most probable cause of death will be my pull-up bar collapsing and me hitting my head on the washing machine.  LOL.
I’m still working on building up the necessary strength and I’ve been doing different variations of slooooowlly lowering myself from the bar and this is the most recent one I’ve found:
(Loving hit hat :D)

The bar creaks when I do the “Walk the Plank” and it’s terrifying, haha.  It’s stable enough to hold my weight (it fell once though because the temperature has been changing a lot…again, my opinion) and but I’m not a fan of anything creaking when I put my weight on it, haha.  

I know this is a process but I just want to be able to do one.  I’m impatient.  C’mon body, be stronger.

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