Halloween Luminaries Pinterest Project!

I love Pinterest but rarely get around to actually making something from there.  Today was not one of those days.

I fell in love with these guys and really wanted to make some to get my apartment ready for Halloween.  There aren’t many Halloween related decorations around here, so you have to get creative.

Anyway, here are mine.




Not too shabby!  The white one looks a bit rough because I was impatient with waiting for the paint to dry and it came off a bit.  The orange pumpkin is my favorite 😀

The original link/poster used a spray-on glaze for hers which makes them look polished (and better, IMO), but the only spray-on glaze that I found was about $20…and…yeah, no.

Anyway, they weren’t too difficult…just try to have a bit more patience than I did, haha.
Here’s the link again.

8 thoughts on “Halloween Luminaries Pinterest Project!

  1. HI Stacy –

    Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Pininterest Halloween decorations (very nice, BTW), but I just spend a good hour reading the posts in your blog. You could write a book about an expat teaching English in Korea – very informative. My son just started today at the ECC school in Daejeon, so I e-mailed him your blog for his reference. He’s worried, but really excited and I’m sure he’ll have a great experience. Thank you for all your insight – I may ask you about the spring Ultimate Frisbee thing as he was really into that in college several years ago and might be interested in joining.



  2. Chris-
    Thank you very much! A few members of my family have mentioned the same thing the book.
    I actually know someone who works at ECC in Daejeon. I’m located in the same city. It’s a pretty good school, so he shouldn’t have any trouble there. The hagwon (private academies) can vary greatly in their quality (depends on the owners and other things), but that one is pretty good. It’s a large chain across the country.

    Here’s the link for Ultimate Frisbee in Korea.

    And here’s the Daejeon-specific Ultimate page:

    Let me know if you/he has any questions or if I can help in any way.


    • Hi Stacey –

      Thanks for your support! Only one request I have is to ask your friend over at ECC to check with Mike to see if he’s OK. Mike is a pretty strong person, has a degree in CJ and has spent the last two years as a parole officer for the state of Maryland, so to say this was a big change in his life is an understatement. One of his best friends taught for a year after college and loved it, so after a difficult relationship end last year, he decided to go for it. Mike is a great guy, but the strong silent type and not likely to ask for help. I just worry that he has questions he can’t answer, i.e., were’s Costco, best way to get around, good places to hang out and meet people, a place to exercise, etc. His name is Mike Klein. Thanks for your help!!


      • Hi Stacy – thanks for all your insight and help. Mike’s settling in OK, was kinda sick for the first two weeks or so, but has made some good contacts and met some new friends. My question today is about guitars,..I know, strange, but I thought I would start with you…Mike is an accomplished guitarist and owns a very expensive Martin acoustic that he wants us to ship to him.. I’ve looked into shipping high-end guitars, wow, really expensive and I’m really worried about it arriving safely.

        So, my question today is, do you know of good music stores in Daejeon where he might purchase a guitar or someone he could talk to about guitars? Frankly, it’ll cost me $250 to ship a $1500 guitar over that I’d be worried about, and cost him $250 to send it back, so I’d rather give him the money to buy one rather than ship the Martin.

        Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you!

      • Ah, I’m honestly not sure. I’d tell him to post on the Facebook group “Daejeon Peeps” as they’re all pretty good about advice and others (2000+ members) might have more experience with this. I’m sure it’d be cheaper to get one here though. With shipping and the risk of anything breaking during transport.
        Good luck!

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