In Memory

I just realized yesterday, that the anniversary of my dad’s passing was on December 8.  I remembered in the days leading up, but I guess I just got busy or something. :-/
I…I feel a bit like I’m forgetting him as the time goes on and I’m terrified of what that’s going to be like in 10…20…years from now.  I still remember certain memories but a lot of it seems to be fading, even though I do have pictures around my apartment.  Is this normal?  How can you start to forget your own parent??  Not forgetting that they exist…but it’s now been seven years since he died and it feels like a lifetime ago already.  Maybe not even forgetting…everything just feels further away or a bit more fuzzy and distant.
I also used to feel like he was close to me and watching over or something, but I don’t have that feeling anymore.

I know this is a personal post, but I wanted to get it out and hopefully I’m not alone in this.  :-/

One thought on “In Memory

  1. Yes, Stacey, I think it’s common to get on with your life.
    Memories do fade. Recalling the past is fine, but it doesn’t change anything. I would think your dad would want you to go forward and not have him in thought at all times.
    Live your life. Do good. Be proud of how far you’ve progressed and go forward.
    Time passes too quickly to regret the past.
    Live in the present and say prayers for our misguided ways. ❤

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