I’ve been having a rough time re-adjusting to life here so I’ve decided to do a post series (until I forget) of two good things and one or two negatives to help me get back on my feet.

“Square peg, round hole” describes how I’m feeling of late.

+: My classroom looks better than ever.
+: I’ve missed my kiddos (especially class 2)
+: The girl at the noodle shop surprisingly spoke great English
-: Reaaaaaallly tired of being gawked at (not in a good way) by old men…about ready to punch someone in the throat

One thought on “

  1. Old and young men will always look at women unless they are dead. Being a good looking woman, they can’t help themselves from looking at you. Smile and walk on by. They are showing their appreciation. At least they aren’t cat calling. 🙂

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