Care Packages

Welcome to my favorite page! 😀

Just kidding 😉  But…really.

Feeling bored or have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket?  Wellll..there’s a 100% chance that a wouldn’t mind receiving something in the mail.  🙂

I love handwritten letters (a lot.) but if you want to send over a care package…here are some ideas.  Feel free to get creative and put whatever you want in there too.  But this is just a list to help you out.

Oh, and THANK YOU!!!!!

No.  Seriously.  THANK YOU!!  😀  *muah*

**Reminder–double-bag any liquids in a ziploc**

The Goods:
***SYRUP!!!!!  (prefer: “Light/Lite” syrup)—This is REALLY EXPENSIVE here.  As in, $9 for a small bottle.

*Bath and Body Works  (top 2 favorite scents: Midnight Pomegranate and **Secret Wonderland**)   (Note: my Secret Wonderland lotion got confiscated going through Security while coming back into Korea…so..uh…wink wink nudge nudge. :))
Other scents work too though.  Just nothing too flowery/powdery smelling.
–foaming handsoap [still have 1.5 left as of  5.22.12]
–body lotion
–shower gel
–anti-bac  (I work with little kids…still working on the art of covering one’s mouth.  Anti-bac here is expensive and smells like crap.  I still make them use it anyway)

*ACT Anticavity mouthwash (it’s green in color–we have mouthwash here,  but I have good experience with this one preventing cavities)
*Poprocks (fun for the kiddies)
*Do-Si-Do girl scout cookies
*iTunes giftcards
*Kraft Mac and Cheese (spirals are my favorite)
*whole grain pasta
*Lipton noodles (butter and garlic shells are favorites)
*Angel Hair Pasta (ahhh…who makes this??  Lipton?  Comes in a green or blue box…ahh!  So yummy!)
*cereal samples (those mini-box-multi-packs from the grocery store)
*low sodium chicken noodle soup
*socks  (they have a bajillion types of socks here–seriously.  on every corner.  except they all have weird characters on them. ie: the kinds you may have when you’re 10 years old)
*Colored Old Navy Flip Flops (the ones that are like 2 for $5 or whatever.)

Those are the things I can think of off the top of my head.
I actually really wish I had more shoes here (can’t find anything over a size 8 here–I’m a 9) and wishing I would have brought more casual t-shirts to chill in (ie: just like a Mizzou t-shirt or zip-up fleece).  But not really anything I can do about that.

Anyway, whatever you decide to send, it’ll be greatly appreciated!  😀

Also, if you could find a way to pack Taco Bell, Olive Garden or Chipotle into that box without it being too expensive…Well…that’d be the best.  😀  haha.

ALSO!!!! Don’t forget that the post office has FLAT RATE BOXES!!!!  ie:  cram as much as you want into the box and it’s all the same price.

Thanks again! 🙂


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