Um…it’s not the third week yet…

From what I’ve heard about culture shock, is that you typically switch over from the ‘honeymoon’ (everything is awesome and fun and cute) to the next stage around week three.
The next stage is where you start getting a bit homesick and being more aware of all the differences.

I think I’m there already.  I hope this isn’t a bad sign.

I want to like it here…but I feel like my mood is going up and down in waves.  I’ll be alright for a bit and then I’ll be like this.
I want to be able to communicate with people and to be understood.  I want to be able to read what the hell it says on all the buildings and signs.  I don’t want people staring at me all the damn time.
I honestly feel kind of like I’m losing myself.  I feel like I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore and that my confidence is definitely wavering.  And I don’t like this.

I miss my friends and family and I heard that my grandma was actually admitted into the hospital a few days ago (apparently she’s been released also) and my grandpa was put into a nursing home.  And that car guy (mentioned on and off throughout the last month) is back and sending me antagonizing emails.

Culture Shock 101:

Pretty sure I mentioned it (but maybe not–I’ve been updating here and on FB, so I sort of lose track) but I found a few trips that I want to do coming up.
The first one is this coming weekend and it’s a snowboarding/skiing trip.  I haven’t been skiing since I was..10?
Anyway, I think it’ll be really fun and hopefully it’ll be something that can pull me out of this weird funk.

Also.  I wish I could fit my American-sized feet into the shoes over here.  Really cute shoes but all too small for me.  😦
Clothes are also kind of strange.
I think I might end up with a scarf addiction while I’m here.  (And hot chocolate).
Speaking of scarves…I just bought one today 🙂

Maybe I’ll be able to find scarves when I make it out to Seoul.  Or another country nearby.  Perhaps Thailand?

Pretty Sure This is Called Harrassment Now…

So, about the second story I was going to mention in my last post.  (If you’re friends with me on FB, then you’re probably familiar with this).

Anyway, so I sold my car on the 8th to this guy (he’s a foreign exchange student at a local university), and not even two days later he sent me an email saying that he wanted to basically exchange the car back.  ie: I “give him the money back and he gives the car back to me”.  Um.  What?!  No.
There’s nothing wrong with the car and it’s actually in great condition, but he just said he realized that he’s only in America for one more year and doesn’t need the car.  And he said there’s “something wrong with my title”  because he wasn’t able to get his plates right away…because I still had a loan out on it.
Anyway, I explained the process (I think we’re up to at least 5 either phone calls or emails since the 8th) where I kept telling him to be patient and that if he has any questions to please call the DMV.  (I explained what the DMV was and what they do…even though he’s tried to get plates and has a permit already).
So, this has basically been a giant pain in the butt ever since I sold the car to him.  I honestly don’t have time for this either…I’m moving in under a week and I just have a lot on my plate.  I know I’m doing everything right, and I seriously feel like I’m being harassed.
I ignored the last email he sent (I think two days ago) and he had his friend call me today from a different number and basically interrogated me for 20 minutes.  And I really don’t think he was actually listening to what I was saying.
Anyway, I’ve just decided to not respond anymore and if someone needs to contact me (even rental companies etc, which I’ve been in contact with) then they can leave a message.  My phone is being disconnected on my last day in the US anyway.

So, after that phone call earlier today, the guy that bought my car sent me an email that says:

“I know now that u used my money to pay your loan. I really feel angry about this condition. This is not normal at all. I am not sure whether this is a legal deal. But it has wasted my time and energy. You need give a reasonable explanation about your behaviour. And you also need compensate my loss during the process.  “

Um.  Okayyyyyyy.
I really don’t know what else to do besides ignore it.  Some of my friends are telling me to tell him that I’m done corresponding with him and that if he or his friends contacts me again that I’ll inform the authorities.
I dunno..I feel like that’s taking it kinda far, but I also am getting kinda worked up over this.  Anytime my phone lets me know that I have a new email, I’m like “Oh’s probably him.”

I don’t need this extra stress.

Anyway, on an unrelated note…my grandma put together a video montage from my going-away party and had some family members say some stuff.  Super sweet 😀

I also spent today painting her upstairs…and’s a lot more space than I  And lots of narrow little corners..

Finishing that paint job up tomorrow and hopefully grabbing lunch with a friend (if the weather cooperates) and then headed to my storage unit to check out the space and sign some papers.
Also needing to pick up some BOXES!

*Massage at 2pm
*TEFL Course Stuff

*Lunch with my aunt
*TEFL Course stuff

*Chocolate Fondue Night with the ladies!! 😀 😀

*Come back to the apt and finish cleaning
*Inspection and turn in keys
(If you want an awesome place to live, I know of one 😀  I’ve absolutely loved living at my apartment…it’s fantastic!)

*TEFL Course

Monday 2/20…departure day!:
*Return Rental Car (Nooooo!!!…my fun little racecar!)
*Lunch with mom

Edit (2/14):
Got 3 more calls from that car guy today and an email…all between 10 and 2pm today.
I’ve been trying to ignore it the past 2 days, and it’s been crazy.  I sent one final email today basically telling him that what he’s doing is harassment and that it isn’t legal here in the US and if I get another email or call from him or any of his friends that I’ll contact the police.

What else would I use the loan money for?  That is completely normal here in the United States, perhaps it is not in China.

Also, what you are doing to me is called harassment.  That is not legal and I will contact the police if necessary.
I have gone above my duties as a seller and do not like how you are treating me.
The loan will clear the bank within 10 days after they receive my payment.  You can do what you want with the car after that.

I will contact you when the lien release is available.  I do not want to hear any more from you or your friends until that time.

This is seriously getting ridiculous.
Not even 5 minutes later, I got another email from him yelling at me saying:

You let me check the  bank and the dmv. I checked it but they all said they can not shoe me the information. And you didn’t reply my email and phone call. You said u will call someone on Monday and reply me. Have u replied me?! I want to ask what u want to do? If you want to make the deal in this way. Ok I would like to find other ways to deal with this situation.

Maybe since he says he’ll have to find other ways to deal with the situation that he’ll stop contacting me.  Or maybe he’ll call the police or a lawyer.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

Anyway, 6 days til departure day.

Final Car Payment + BEAUTIFUL Rental Car

The payment for my car cleared the bank today, so I sent in my final car payment on my $7K balance…felt amazing.  🙂  😀  AMAZING.

Also, I got a rental car today.  I’ll be having this car for the next week and a half…or well, until my last day.  And…it’s amazing.  It’s a 2012 Nissan Maxima with just over 1000 miles on it.  Keyless start–it’s a “push to start” kind of car.  Push the button to start the car.  Frikin awesome.
Also, keyless entry…as in, I can have the keys in my purse or coat and it recognizes that the keys are near, and I can just push a little button near the handle and it’ll unlock.  So fun 🙂
If I wasn’t broke and planning on leaving the country, I’d get one. haha 🙂

I SOLD MY *FIRST* CAR!!!!!!!! (exclamation x 50)

I sold my car today!!  So so so excited! I think I got a decent amount for it and I’m just a smidge away from getting enough back to pay off the rest of my loan. 🙂

Ahhhh!!!! Also, this was my first time selling a car and I did it solo!  I do have a wonderful set of friends and family that coached me through the process, but I did all the in-person stuff on my own.  Really stressful and everything, but still so exciting.  Definitely a learning process and I just can’t believe how fast everything happened!

Anyway! Hoorah!! 😀  Second to last big hurdle before the big day…the last one is moving day on Feb 18th!

Also, I just filled up with gas for the last time for the next year 😀
Price: $3.29/gal
I want to check against this when I come home.


Meeting up tomorrow/later today with an interested buyer for my car…just wants to look at it, so I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but hopefully it works out.  I’m going to miss that car…but I’d love to have this hurdle out of the way.
Also, I got another interested person (via Craigslist for both) for the car, but he said he only had 6000 saved up right now…I’m asking 7900.  So that’s definitely a no-go.  Plus, from what I’ve seen, that’s way under it’s value…and way under what I still owe.  So..yeah, find another grand and we’ll talk.  He seemed friendly though.
Also, making some serious progress with my to-do list…hoorah!!! 😀  Once I’m finished working, I really need to make more progress with my TEFL course…I’m so behind.  Gah.

13 days!  Wow.


So, I’m currently having my car detailed by a friend to get it ready to be sold and he was able to fix my car lock too!!! 😀
My car was broken into downtown (it was a year in late november/december) and they messed up the window (originally glass was shattered),  the car lock and punctured a hole right beneath the handle…and since then, I haven’t been able to use my driver’s side door lock.  The lock itself still worked but if I wanted to use it I’d have to crawl through through the passenger side, so it was pretty much never locked after that incident.
Annnyway…so the lock is fixed and the metal that was all bent inward (creating the hole) is now back in place.  Not perfect (and won’t be until a new door is put on) but damn near close.  😀 😀  So beyond thrilled right now.  🙂

Taking pics tonight or tomorrow morning and then listing it before I get to work tomorrow afternoon.
Still haven’t had a chance to check on my passport situation, but as of yesterday, it still wasn’t here.  Crossing my fingers that it’s here today.
The consulate is in Chicago and my passport shouldn’t take this long to get here…trying not to panic.  Please. Please. be in the mail when I get home.

Car: Re-visited

Found someone to do the detailing on my car and fix the lock! Wahoo! And I’m getting a great deal because I know him. 🙂 I’ll probably put it up for sale this week.
It’s hard because I don’t know how fast/slow it’s going to sell, and I really don’t want to be down the the end and still have to worry about selling my car. Once I get the lock and detailing done, it’s ready to sell.
I’m going to miss that car.. 2008 Chevy Cobalts are great cars if you’re looking for your next 🙂

Just need to find a car to use after it’s sold…