Art Class Updates!

Here are some kindergarten art projects from the past few months!  😀

Making Santa

6-7 Year Olds’ Santas

Winter Trees!


Polar Bears made by painting with marshmallows!!


January art Polar Bears made by painting with marshmallows!

City Skyline–supposed to resemble Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Sky’

One of my favorite projects of the year!











Happy December!

Ah!  It’s December already…and already the 4th at that!  Sheesh.  Time flies.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day today–kids seemed well behaved and things ran smoothly, so that was nice.
It’s just now 11pm on Monday here and I spent my evening watching Christmas movies (Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas), baking apple/banana muffins and planning for my classes.
Note: I don’t really need to do much planning as my classes are pretty much set for me since I work at a private school.  But, I do have free-reign (with a lot of gentle nudging and convincing) of the kindergarten art classes, so I was planning the next month for those.  And by the next month, I just finished planning for the month of February, lol.  I really enjoy it 🙂
I get the majority of my ideas from Pinterest…

^My Pinterest page for art class

Plans for the next few art classes:

Sparkly snowmen–assuming our glitter comes in by tomorrow…

Christmas Ornaments

Gingerbread men 🙂

Santa #1 (for the younger kids)

Santa #1 (for the younger kids–age 4-6)

Santa project–older kinder kids (age 6-7)

That’s our plan for December art 🙂
(SO HARD to choose the holiday crafts–there are so many good ones out there!)

I can post the January crafts too, but I didn’t want the post to be too image-heavy.
January art is more winter-focused (lots of snowmen and snow-scenes)
I planned February with a friendship “quilt”, 2 Valentine’s projects and then the last week is going to be a self-portrait using some of the scraps from our (overflowing) scrap box
March (not planned–but I have a bunch of ideas “pinned” on Pinterest), but it’s going to be recycling themed.  (Old TP rolls, plastic bottles, metal cans, etc. etc.)

I really can’t take credit for much of this because I just get ideas from Pinterest 🙂
It makes me happy though.  It’s fun watching the projects come to life (trying to work on keeping my stress levels at bay–working on their listening/following directions skills at the same time), but yeah, it’s fun 🙂

We’ve been decorating the school a bit for winter too–paper snowflakes are making their appearances (most kids hadn’t done this before (SO SAD. AHH!), so it was cool to introduce it to them).  I also want to find a way to stick in a few paperchains too, haha.
I also love seeing our head-teacher’s reaction to any and everything creative.  She’s so impressed and amazed by any project that we do.  Creativity doesn’t seem to be as common or as fostered as it is back home (hence why it took so long for them to let us do more “normal” art projects with the kids.
Granted, we’ve been doing them for months now (since maybe May?), but it still took a lot of effort to get them to leave behind the super-advanced workbooks and let the kids do more crafty/age-appropriate projects.

I don’t know of any other schools that do art like we do (and have that kind of flexibility), so, another reason why I’m re-signing with them.

Alllllsooo…I need to find/make some sort of Christmas speeches for some of my writing/reading-focused classes.  They have their speech contests this month, and we (the foreign teachers) convinced the head-Korean teacher that it would be more fun/less-stress/more creative/more-exciting to do Christmas role-plays/plays than having the usual speeches where kids get up and talk about their vacation.
Imagine: each student talking for 2-10 minutes (10 being this one girl that takes ages because she’s one of the many that has parents that write it for her)…each about their vacation.
OR…Christmas themed speeches/plays.

Ok, Christmas wins.  haha.  As usual 😀

Anyway, I need to clean up my apartment and get some things done before bed.
Until next time!