Last Day…

So, my last day of work is tomorrow, and I’m honestly feeling a bit bittersweet.
I’m excited because that’s just one more step toward this new experience…which is hopefully as amazing and fun as I’ve heard.  But, I’ve also been with my job for a bit over three years, and although I may vent and complain about certain aspects, I’m really going to miss some of the people I’ve had the opportunity of working with over the past few months.  The thing about working with a smaller staff (like we do in our stores) is that you really get to know the people you work with (if you so choose) and you form a bond.
Anyway, I’m still excited, but yeah..very bittersweet.
Especially with my most recent location.  This one has definitely been…an uphill battle it seems.  But, the thing about it is that looking back…I can see how far we’ve come.  And it’s weird to think that all that progress has been because of my influence.  I say “influence”, because I personally didn’t do every single change in the place…a lot of it, yes.  But I think I’ve hopefully created some sort of spark that will help keep them going in the right direction.
I also learned that one of my favorite managers from my last location is going to be taking over where I left off.  YAY!  I know he won’t let me down and that he’ll be able to finish off what I started.  I just wanted to make sure that all that I’ve worked on won’t be for nothing once I’ve left.  No backsliding allowed.

ALSO…I had my last day working with a few associates today and I’m honestly surprised my jaw didn’t drop completely to the floor, but I had about six associates come up to me today, and not just say “thank you”, but that and “You have really made an impact here.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done.”  I was pretty much stunned.  I know I’ve been working hard the whole time, but I never really heard or saw a whole lot of gratitude.  I felt I had to point out what I had done to get any sort of recognition.  And there it was.  😀
And I did receive a pretty stellar letter of recommendation from my boss’ boss.  I was practically glowing while reading it, ha 🙂

Anyway, last day of work tomorrow…and then crunch time.  I really need to knock out more of that TEFL course.  Ugh.  At least now I’ll have the time to get it done…

Going out to lunch with my mom and brother on Sunday and then a going-away party from my family. 🙂 🙂

I SOLD MY *FIRST* CAR!!!!!!!! (exclamation x 50)

I sold my car today!!  So so so excited! I think I got a decent amount for it and I’m just a smidge away from getting enough back to pay off the rest of my loan. 🙂

Ahhhh!!!! Also, this was my first time selling a car and I did it solo!  I do have a wonderful set of friends and family that coached me through the process, but I did all the in-person stuff on my own.  Really stressful and everything, but still so exciting.  Definitely a learning process and I just can’t believe how fast everything happened!

Anyway! Hoorah!! 😀  Second to last big hurdle before the big day…the last one is moving day on Feb 18th!

Also, I just filled up with gas for the last time for the next year 😀
Price: $3.29/gal
I want to check against this when I come home.


AHHHH!!!! So so happy!! It didn’t get lost in the mail! yay! haha.
After months of hurry up and wait and lots of paperwork, time and money…it’s here!  And I can officially work in the Republic of Korea!!! 😀

So, my paperwork is now officially complete except for waiting for that second background check!  Which, I can still work and do everything now that I have the visa, but the Korean Education Dept. decided this year that they also would like copies of the background check…so now all new entrants (ie: me) need to get that second copy.
I already sent off for it and it takes a few months, my mind, I’m finished with paperwork 🙂  YESSS!!

Have had a rough few days at work recently…just feeling overworked/underpaid and stressed out over how much there is be done.

Anyway, getting pretty excited to see what Korea has to offer.  Bring it!  😀


Yayyyy!! (and wow!)  I hit 100 views 🙂

I should make a list for how many things I’ve bought/needed to buy for this as well..similar to the To-Do-List-of-Epic-Proportions…
Anyway, just bought a CD/DVD case to store some of my movies that I plan on bringing over with me.  Definitely not going to squeeze in a bunch of cases, so this will do.
Also bought an external hard-drive for my laptop.  I need to get all the music files and pictures off my PC so I can put them on my laptop.  Hopefully I can get this done at some point tonight…

My mom and brother said they’ll take my computer desk off my hands too, which is wonderful 🙂  Good for them and good for me.

Visa still hasn’t arrived…starting to get nervous…
I’ll call them Monday if it’s not here by then :-/

Having a mini-going away party/shin-dig tomorrow with some friends.  Not really a party though because I’m terrible at hosting that sort of thing, and because it’s a lot of effort to organize something when I’m already so overwhelmed (and exhausted) with other stuff.  Just going ice skating and out for dinner/drinks/etc.

My last day of work on the 11th can’t seem to get here fast enough.  I’m just so worn down.  I’ll be really glad to get the extra 40 hours put back into my week…

And you’ll have to excuse the scatterbrained-ness of my posts…my head seems to be in 4000 places at once, and it’s nice to be able to cover everything just like this.  Nice quick updates. 🙂 ha.
worked 7-4
errands til now–6pm  (Goodwill, Target, Bestbuy)
make dinner
work on switching over files
re-do unit 8 from my TEFL course–messed up a few sections..ugh.
RELAX.  I hope.  I feel like the circles under my eyes are becoming a permanent fixture.  lol.

Kickboxing in the AM
Go to Starbucks or the like and work on TEFL Unit 9
Out with friends for my going-away thing

Work 12-8:30

Work 7-4
Call on Visa?!?!?! 😦
Workout class with Groupon
Dinner//TEFL Unit 9 (if not complete)

Also need to get that car lock fixed at some point…

No one said it would be easy. Just that it would be worth it in the end.

Keep on keepin’ on.


Just got my flight itinerary!!!  OMG!!! 😀 😀
Everything looks good…a bit heavy on the layovers I suppose, but everything else looks good.  I don’t leave here or arrive anywhere at horrible hours of the day, so it looks good.
I’m happy with my international airline looks like I leave my last US city for Seoul around midnight, so hopefully I’ll be wiped out after a good few hours of travel so I can get some sleep on the plane.

Still waiting on my passport/work visa to arrive back in the mail…
Not sure if I mentioned it, but I sent in my paperwork for my second background check.  Got re-fingerprinted and everything for that again too…sooo..yay!  Paperwork is almost done…again.  🙂

I can’t believe this is happening!..ahh! lol. 🙂

I also turned in my final rent check today too…and completed my taxes 🙂  Very productive day.

Storage Unit: Found and Booked.

Just made a reservation with Public Storage to save me a 10×10 space for my stuff.
Move-in date is on the 18th of February.  By then, I should be packed, and basically ready to go.  After moving, I can start scrubbing down my apartment and get ready to move out and return my keys.  My departure date is on the 20th, so that should be good…if needed, I can just crash on the couch at my mom’s house or something.

Can’t beat the size of the place for the price either.  I checked around a bit and I’m getting my unit (booked online) for $1 for the first month and $87 for each month thereafter.
I forgot which place I checked before, but they had 5X10 (and similar) for over $100…
So yeah..that’s done.

Oh, and I finally got my Christmas tree down 🙂

Visa Application: Submitted…and just one more thing to get my heart pounding a bit faster!

So yep…I submitted my visa application today.  It apparently takes about a week…and a few extra days if it’s sent by mail (which is what I did, since I don’t feel like spending $100+ to go back up to Chicago for the day to drop it off in person).  Should be there on Thursday.  Thanks FedEx! 😀

Also, I got an email from my recruiter and she asked what international airport I fly out of.  Meaning that she’s now hunting for plane tickets…
Sure, that’s not a whole lot, and I feel like a little kid when I get all excited about the little stuff, but I think that’s what it’s all about.  I like feeling excited/anxious/etc. about the process…even though it plays havoc on my emotions, it feels good to have something to get excited about.  If I’m not excited, then I probably shouldn’t be going.

So…good thing I am.  😉

Lots of progress on my to-do list today too! yay!  Well, at least it feels like it. 🙂

Off to work on unit 8 for my tefl course…