Classroom Pics

I’m changing a few things around and wanted to share what my classroom looks like currently.

I posted about this a few weeks ago and already made a few changes before I took the pictures today.
1. I decided to leave the back wall alone and keep the numbers and colors where they are.
2. I moved the seasons and put them near the “window” and put up a birthday display in its place.  I’ll finish this up tomorrow…nearly finished 🙂
3. I took down an old poster and made the display with different jobs on that back wall that juts out.  I think it looks already and I had the space for it.
I’m thinking about having the kids change the jobs out…maybe printing out a few “accessories” for each job and having the younger kids match them up with the job that is currently on display.  For example, if we have the police officer and an officer worker up, they could sort through a basket of laminated accessories (badge, stethoscope, pens, ambulance, etc.) and attach them via velcro to the correct job.  Then my older (later) class could change them at the end of the day.

I dunno, still working out the kinks, but I’m want to try and get the kids active with them so they learn from them and not just have them on display.

In the last month or so, I’ve had the evening kids start helping “reset” the room for the next day in the last 5 minutes of class and it’s a huge help for me.  The kids love it too.  They change the “yesterday was/today is/tomorrow will be” signs and sometimes help wipe down the tables.
Each class (I have 3, 2-hour classes) is responsible for straightening the books on the bookshelf, pushing in their chairs and emptying the pencil sharpener, straightening the puzzle mat near the bookshelf…basically cleaning up before the next group comes in.  It’s routine now and very helpful.  🙂
The kids love helping out and it makes it super quick to close down the classroom.  The “jobs/careers” would be one more addition and would help the kids get more involved with their classroom.

Anyway, nearly finished, but I still want to:
1. do something with weather on the back wall (?)–I have the stuff made up but not sure if the room looks too cluttered??
2. Organize the “hard to spell” words into a word wall of sorts and move it under the white board.
3. Re-label the pencil and eraser jars
4. See about getting a map that is both in English and in color.  The one I have now is in English (kinda?) but it’s a night view and doesn’t have country outlines.  No bueno.

I also finished the bookmarks and they were a huge hit 🙂
I teach from the Oxford Reading Tree series and I found bookmarks online with the characters on them and the kids loved them!  I also made up some different styles with the name of our school on it.  One with just the name and one (cooler…IMO) one that says “I love ____________” and our school name.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight!  Hope you like the pictures!


Why, Hello there!

I’ve gotten really bad about updating this.  Whoops!  Sorry!

First, here are some of my favorite songs currently so you can jam and read at the same time.  😀

Jessie J’s ‘Sexy Lady’
Plumb’s ‘In My Arms’
Jessie J’s ‘Wild’
Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Salvation’

Ok.  Good.  😀

Anyway, let’s see…Thailand was frikin amazing and I definitely need to go back.  I had an issue with pickpocketing on one of the overnight buses which left me doing a lot of sitting, movie watching and reading at the end of my trip…but thankfully, I was able to experience a lot of stuff at the beginning.
I went to a Muay Thai class and had a 3-hour class..which was awesome.  If I had more lifetimes, I could see myself going back there for a bit longer and doing a bit more with that.  There were Thai people there obviously, and then other foreigners who went to Thailand specifically to train Muay Thai.  The gym was called Santai Muay Thai in case you’re curious or interested for yourself.  Super friendly staff and good overall environment.

I also rode on and bathed an elephant in a river.  Oh, and rode bareback, not in one of those harness things.  😀  I was excited for the elephant, but it ended up even better than I expected.  My elephant was really gentle and sweet.  🙂
On that same tour, I also went to Tiger Temple and got to pet some of the tigers there 😀
Tigers are my absolute favorite animal so that was HUGE for me.  That whole day was a blur of awesomeness…thank God for cameras.  I was able to get a lot of pictures to help me remember everything.

Also, I went to a few night markets and got to bargain/haggle and went to a floating market (same tour as elephants and tigers), saw a lot of temples (mostly all in Bangkok).  I also got in some lovely beach time and relaxation over on Koh Tao island.  😀

Bringing things back to Korea, I’m about a month and a half into my new job at the new school and it’s loads better than the previous school.  The administration are honest with me about my performance and we have weekly meetings.  We have TWO office printers (instead of the two personal-sized printers at my last place)–makes it a bit congested in the office with 8 teachers and two tiny printers.  Each teacher also has a heater in their classroom…ah!  And I have my OWN classroom!  😀 😀  It’s so lovely, and I’m free to decorate it as I wish. Our library is nicely stocked and the curriculum seems effective.  There’s also a system put in place if we need to discipline students.  The work load is heavier, but I don’t mind it because of all the other positives.  Plus, I also don’t mind working more if I see the results of my efforts…which I do, since I have my own students and it feels like a real school.

Also, as is customary in Korea for ESL teachers, with a new job comes a new apartment.  Each school provides an apartment (or housing allowance) for their foreign teachers, so if you change schools, then you change apartments…not sure if I’ve mentioned that or not.
Anyway, I’m loving my new place.  I’m slowly getting back on my feet after not having a paycheck for awhile. We get paid monthly here, which is a bit annoying, but the pay is good enough that normally it doesn’t matter.  It’s just that when you stop working and start back up again…it’ll be awhile before you see any money.  I got paid this past month, but my check for December will bring me back to feeling comfortable again.  VERY anxious for that.  A huge thanks to my momma who has helped me get through this rough patch.

I feel like I should have pictures along with this post, but they’ll have to wait til the next one.  It’s late again here and I’m ready for bed.

Happy Friday! 😀