Quick Quick!

It’s really late here, but just wanted to add a quick update on the school/money situation.
1. Our director had a meeting with me today and apologized saying he had been really busy, but that the rest of the money I’m owed was being deposited into my account today (remainder of severance, overtime pay from intensives and the rest of my pay from January).
Very happy that that’s all sorted.  A big weight has been lifted!

Working on getting my renewed visa now.  He said he should have that by tomorrow.  From what he said, it sounds like progress has been made since when we originally talked about it, so I trust his words.

Just ready to have this all situated.  I feel a bit bad because I know I’ve gotten pushy, but I don’t honestly see any other way to get things done.
I’m still being polite about it, but I’m just asking frequently.  Because…when I don’t ask, no progress is made, and I don’t get any sort of updates about what’s happening.  So, hopefully all this will be sorted soon so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

2.  I have a hamster!
We had a class pet from Winter Intensives, and I asked to keep him afterward (instead of giving ours to a student, lol) and they said ok.
His original name was “Mystery”, but I renamed him “Munch-a-saurus Rex”, or “Munch” for short.

It’s Munch!


3.  I’m going to be volunteering at a preschool when I get home 🙂  (5 days til American soil!)
I think it’ll be a fun and interesting experience to work in an American preschool and  see any similarities or differences.  The main thing is that I wanted something to do while I’m at home so I’m not sitting around watching tv for hours on end while my family and friends are at work.  😀

Ok, goodnight!


Just wanted to make an apology for the lack of posts recently. My TEFL course is due on Thursday (it’s Monday) and I’m working by butt off to get it finished.
I’m re-doing one of the lessons, but otherwise, I’m on Unit 18/20.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but I’m just ready for the course to be over.  I’m ready to have my free time back…

Note:  I’ve been working on this for 7 months as of Thursday.

Note 2:  Nothing super thrilling has been happening recently anyway.  Just the same ol’ thing.  Teach, TEFL, hang out with people, weekend.  Repeat.  🙂
I’ll be sure to check back in once I get this finished.
However!  Not really teaching related, but I’ve been trying to get myself into a routine of eating more fruit (veggies too, slowly…heh.) and working out more….and, well I’ve noticed changes, but a co-worker of mine mentioned to me yesterday that she can see a change.  She said I’m becoming more trim and slender.  YAY!!!
I don’t have a weightloss goal or anything, just trying to be healthier, lose a bit of that lower belly pudge and tone up my thighs.   Overall toning is my goal.
It’s been on the backburner for a bit now though because of the TEFL thing, but I’m still walking a lot and I plan on jumping right back into it when my course is over.  🙂


AHHHH!!!! So so happy!! It didn’t get lost in the mail! yay! haha.
After months of hurry up and wait and lots of paperwork, time and money…it’s here!  And I can officially work in the Republic of Korea!!! 😀

So, my paperwork is now officially complete except for waiting for that second background check!  Which, I can still work and do everything now that I have the visa, but the Korean Education Dept. decided this year that they also would like copies of the background check…so now all new entrants (ie: me) need to get that second copy.
I already sent off for it and it takes a few months, so..in my mind, I’m finished with paperwork 🙂  YESSS!!

Have had a rough few days at work recently…just feeling overworked/underpaid and stressed out over how much there is be done.

Anyway, getting pretty excited to see what Korea has to offer.  Bring it!  😀


So, I’m currently having my car detailed by a friend to get it ready to be sold and he was able to fix my car lock too!!! 😀
My car was broken into downtown (it was a year in late november/december) and they messed up the window (originally glass was shattered),  the car lock and punctured a hole right beneath the handle…and since then, I haven’t been able to use my driver’s side door lock.  The lock itself still worked but if I wanted to use it I’d have to crawl through through the passenger side, so it was pretty much never locked after that incident.
Annnyway…so the lock is fixed and the metal that was all bent inward (creating the hole) is now back in place.  Not perfect (and won’t be until a new door is put on) but damn near close.  😀 😀  So beyond thrilled right now.  🙂

Taking pics tonight or tomorrow morning and then listing it before I get to work tomorrow afternoon.
Still haven’t had a chance to check on my passport situation, but as of yesterday, it still wasn’t here.  Crossing my fingers that it’s here today.
The consulate is in Chicago and my passport shouldn’t take this long to get here…trying not to panic.  Please. Please. be in the mail when I get home.


Just got my flight itinerary!!!  OMG!!! 😀 😀
Everything looks good…a bit heavy on the layovers I suppose, but everything else looks good.  I don’t leave here or arrive anywhere at horrible hours of the day, so it looks good.
I’m happy with my international airline and..it looks like I leave my last US city for Seoul around midnight, so hopefully I’ll be wiped out after a good few hours of travel so I can get some sleep on the plane.

Still waiting on my passport/work visa to arrive back in the mail…
Not sure if I mentioned it, but I sent in my paperwork for my second background check.  Got re-fingerprinted and everything for that again too…sooo..yay!  Paperwork is almost done…again.  🙂

I can’t believe this is happening!..ahh! lol. 🙂

I also turned in my final rent check today too…and completed my taxes 🙂  Very productive day.

Ugh. Let me get a bit honest here…

So, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I have a minor stuttering problem.  It can get worse if I’m stressed out or frustrated, but for the most part I try to keep it hidden.
Anyway, because of this, I’m honestly really nervous about teaching.  Mainly because my voice is supposed to be so important in what I do.  I also know that Koreans are very much about appearance and that sort of thing…so I’ve also been nervous that I’ll end up getting fired or something because of it.  😦  😦 😦  What a shitty reason to get let go from a job.
I checked (again) on therapy and my insurance covers a whole 2 (TWO) doctors here in the St. Louis area (out of a few thousand) that specialize in speech therapy.  One lady charges like $300/session and it’s a 12 week session…uh…I don’t have 12 weeks or $300.  So..I guess I’ll have to just chance the whole thing.
I’ve been thinking on this since I accepted the job, and thought more of it just now when I called the nearest police station to see if they did fingerprinting for visas.  (I need a second set to get another background check.  Hoo.rah.  And the other place I went to last time said you’re supposed to go to your city’s dept…whoops.  ah well.)  Anyway, apparently they don’t.

I’m just…frustrated.  I wish I could talk like a regular person.  My friends that know me would probably say that you can barely tell (because I work to hide it) or that they don’t notice it…and it’s not all that frequent…it’s just that it’s a constant struggle…for me.  Not being able to get out what you want to say, when and how you want to…it sucks.  It’s nice living around people though who already know about it, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself or apologizing.  Oh and yeah, when people think it’s some sort of joke or something I’m doing on purpose is pretty hilarious too.  I love getting mocked by people and told to “just spit it out”.  Right.  Let me just get on that…

Anyway, this whole vent started with my call the that police station.  I couldn’t get the word “fingerprints” out, and ended up having to force it out.  It’s just so shitty.  And then the lady on the other side sounded annoyed with me.
Ugh. 😦
I just hope I don’t get fired for something like this.  :-/

Somewhat unrelated, but I *love* this interview with Colin Firth about his role in The King’s Speech.

Good News on the Car!

I checked around a bit more on the resale value on my car, and I should easily be able to get back AT LEAST what I owe.  Which is a huge relief.  I just really wanted at least that..and if I can get more, then that’s even better.
As of now, I’m thinking about listing it on Feb 1st—not sure how long it’ll take to sell, and if it sells faster, I’m pretty sure I can borrow my grandma’s car since she doesn’t really do a whole lot of driving.  Plus, it’ll be nice to get it out of the way…it’s one of my main stressors mainly because I’ve never sold a car before.  And I also don’t want to still have it on my hands on Feb 19th…
ALLLLLLSO….I was talking with a friend of a friend that’s big into cars and he said it actually probably wouldn’t be worth it to me to fix the door.  That I’d actually probably lose money from doing that, especially since there really isn’t a lot of damage.  So..that’s wonderful news.
I’ll see what happens though once I try and list it.
He also said his dad has worked in the car industry for awhile and he has a few connections in that area, so basically, I should easily be able to get what I’m looking for.
Seriously, such a huge relief.

I also got a call from the Korean Consulate in Chicago today…apparently I forgot stamps on the return envelope so they can send back my passport.  Ugh.  lol.  Of course.  ha. So, tonight I’m going to send them an envelope with a stamp or two so they can return that back to me.

Still working on Unit 8 for my online course and I’m kind of surprised that I mad it through so many years of school.  This is probably taking way longer than it should take…
This particular lesson is on the “future” tense and all the various forms of it…which is as fascinating as it sounds. heh.


I’m getting a bit frustrated with this whole process honestly.  Sure, I’m excited to go over there and teach (or attempt/try my damndest to teach), but I’m getting into so much debt.  Laptop, visa fees, costs of mailing off various forms via FedEx, driving around to different places to have things stamped or signed, copies of things here and there…and the latest, now I get to pay $300+ to get my car door fixed/replaced so I can sell my car.
Ideally, I’d make enough money off selling my car to cover the remainder that I owe.  That car is in great condition (I baby my cars, ha), except that last year some [insert a not-so-nice-word here] broke into my car when I had it parked downtown.  The lock is messed up (still locks and unlocks, but you can’t use the key to do so), the window works (had the glass replaced)….but the frame is bent around the window (prob used a screwdriver or something).  Anyway…I never got it fixed because, to me, it was a minor inconvenience…well, and I don’t have $300+ laying around.
I didn’t even have anything in the car at the time of the break-in! Nothing lying around tempting them to screw up my stuff so they could steal from me.  Nothing was in there.  And now, here I am, a year later having to suffer the consequences of…their actions.  Kthanks.

Just really frustrated at how expensive this is getting.  Granted, I can pay it off once I get there, but I’m just annoyed that a lot of my debt has all appeared BECAUSE of this process of going overseas.

It will be worth it.  It will be worth it.  And repeat.

I think a lot of this stress is coming from the (large) practical part of my brain.  I’m usually very punctual with paying bills and have learned over the years how to live within my means, and this whole process is well..the complete opposite.  I’m spending more than I make (all for good reason) and going out more than normal (because I know I won’t be seeing my friends/family for a year, so I’m trying to make the most of it)…and it’s pretty much the opposite of how I’ve basically been training myself to live since I was 16.
I just have to be patient and know that it WILL all be worth it in the end.
Keep calm and carry on.  As they say…

Btw.  34 days.

Visa Application: Submitted…and just one more thing to get my heart pounding a bit faster!

So yep…I submitted my visa application today.  It apparently takes about a week…and a few extra days if it’s sent by mail (which is what I did, since I don’t feel like spending $100+ to go back up to Chicago for the day to drop it off in person).  Should be there on Thursday.  Thanks FedEx! 😀

Also, I got an email from my recruiter and she asked what international airport I fly out of.  Meaning that she’s now hunting for plane tickets…
Sure, that’s not a whole lot, and I feel like a little kid when I get all excited about the little stuff, but I think that’s what it’s all about.  I like feeling excited/anxious/etc. about the process…even though it plays havoc on my emotions, it feels good to have something to get excited about.  If I’m not excited, then I probably shouldn’t be going.

So…good thing I am.  😉

Lots of progress on my to-do list today too! yay!  Well, at least it feels like it. 🙂

Off to work on unit 8 for my tefl course…

It’s Visa Time!

Just got my PIN number today along with my visa application!  I meant to sent it all off today but ended up having a lazy day visiting with my cousin at my grandma’s house.  :-/  Tomorrow’s Saturday, so looks like it’ll have to wait til Monday.
I want to call the Korean consulate again to double check on what I’m supposed to be sending.
I have the option to take it there myself (either a six hour drive to Chicago or to fly there) or I can just mail it and have it take an extra few days.  I think I know what I’ll be doing.  hah. 🙂

I also found out (which it makes me feel kind of silly that I was unsure in the first place) that there are fitness gyms all around where I’ll be staying.  I know they’re a bit more expensive than here, but I’ve worked really hard to get in shape here and I don’t want to lose the progress that I’ve made just because I’m moving to another country.  So yay!

Anyway, that’s about all of the updates for now…off to bake some peanut butter cookies and work on one of my TEFL assignments.