Classroom + Video Footage

I have a video clip of my kindergarten classroom “before” (about 2 changes into it) I got my hands on it.

Also…I’m sure I’ve mentioned this more than a few times, but I really think I want to do this. “This” meaning teaching.  I’ve considered it in the past before, but I like how I’ve been able to test out the waters here with the whole teaching thing BEFORE getting a degree.
I really enjoy the creative, fun, rewarding and crafty parts of the job.  I find myself looking around online for different classroom activities and worksheets…and classroom decorations for hours at a time.  And I enjoy it.  (The only thing is that the pay can be kind of crappy…back in the US.  Probably would have to go for a masters…which also means lots more debt..on a mediocre salary.  Psh.)  I do enjoy it though.
I think Kindergarten would be up my alley because you get more of the crafty stuff, it’s rewarding and I like that age group.  And it’s fun!!  We get to sing and dance and color…and it’s all part of the learning process.  Sure, there are tantrums (one girl had her second meltdown today), but overall, I like the kindergarten classes the best.

Speaking of classroom decorations:
Here–Great Posters and things for the classroom.  LOVE THIS.

Also, the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ thing is going well.  Still reminding them from time to time, but for the most part it’s getting pretty built in.  Also still working on covering their mouths.  They’re still young, and it’s not as easy to enforce because a sneeze is a split-second thing, but I remind them every time anyway.  And then the other students start practicing their coughs (with covered mouths) after I remind the one student that forgot (or didn’t forget).  It’s cute 😀 haha.
I also bought some anti-bacterial gel stuff to class.  The kids like it and it helps me make sure they keep clean hands (most public bathrooms don’t have soap here…).  I have them use it fairly often.  HOWEVER, it’s a pain in the butt because when I looked for it at the store, they had TWO kinds.  Two brands.  One had a small and a large and the other was just large.  Crazy when you think about how prevalent it is back in the US.

Either way, my students WILL cover their mouths to sneeze and cough by the time I’m done with them.  lol.  It’ll be second nature like it is to me.  You are welcome.  😛

ALSO, I was given this link on learning the Korean language.  Love it.

If you have any inspirational classroom/learning/reading quotes that are good for the younger crowd, feel free to send them my way.
I also really like these:
“You are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.”
-Christopher Robin


Germ Squasher Update

Operation Germ Minimization:  Update
It’s going really well 🙂
The kids are like little sponges and their reaction to the slow-mo sneeze was kind of priceless.  😛  Anyway, we’re on the right track! yay!  I’m also working with my elementary students on manners too, now that the kindergarteners have it about down now.


TGIF!! (In more ways than one)

So, I’m sitting here writing this at 5am–It’ll be a quick one.  I went to bed early (or relatively early…heh.  Just earlier than my usual time) because I wanted to actually be rested going into Friday.
Apparently my body had other plans, because I woke up around 4am with an upset stomach.  😦
So much for having a good night’s sleep…heh.

Anyway, I finished updating that Seoul entry, and even though it is now 5am, that also means it’s officially FRIDAY!
And this isn’t just any Friday, mind you…this is my first official payday since I’ve been here!
My boss put in a week’s pay once I got paid, but I get the rest today 😀 😀
I’m so beyond excited for this.  I didn’t realize how much I’d spend on setting up my apartment and just getting to this point, so I’ve been coasting in on fumes.


(For some reason, when I typed in various versions of “Payday” or “Korean Won” and that sort of thing, I couldn’t find a good picture of a person jumping around in a giant pile of Korean Won…only US dollars. )
Anyway…I had less than 100,000 Won ($100USD) in my Korean account (more in my US account, but I didn’t want to transfer any more of it over in case I needed it for bills).
And I think my boss put in around 600,000.  ($600).  WAHOO!!!
Feeling much, much better.
I’m going to be over the moon once the real one hits.  Also, that would technically make me a millionaire 🙂  I get around $2000/month, which here is 2.4 million Won.

No biggie.
Who wants a new car?

Anyway, I’m going to try for bed again.
Also, once I get paid, I can move money to my American account and put some bills on auto-pay…for the first time ever.  I’m one of those people that has always had to worry about money…living paycheck to paycheck, as they say.  So…to be at a point in my life where I won’t have to do that anymore is a very, very welcome change.

And with that, Goodnight!

(I’m going to be doing a post in the near future on expenses too, btw)
(And, my sore throat is still here.  GRR.  It’s fairly mild, but I wish it was gone altogether.)

Mini Update

1.  Thanks to both Google Translator and my co-worker (and a good sense of humor on everyone’s part)…I have a phone!!!!
2.  I also have a bank account!!!  Need to work on getting money transferred over (and seeing if my work needs the info for payday)
3.  One of my kindergarteners has started reading 🙂

However…I’m also now sick.  Hence the short update.  I’m headed to bed…sore muscles and a sore throat/swollen glands.
I’ve heard that pretty much every new person that comes over gets a cold or some sort of sickness when they first come over.  It’s to be expected with the new environment and stress apparently.  I felt it come on around 3pm today during my afternoon classes. :-/  Thankfully, no nausea or anything, just feeling really weak and exhausted.
So…off to bed.

I’ll talk more about getting my bank account set up and the stuff about my phone when I don’t feel crappy.

Goooood night.  (at 9pm. lol.)