Holiday Plans/Upcoming Vacation

Ooh, look at me posting 2 days in a row! 😛  haha

The holidays are coming and I’m very excited.  (Mainly excited for some days off…and to be able to finally clear off my desk at work of all of the holiday play materials, lol).

Let’s see, we’re doing holiday skits and presentations next week at school (well–the kids are…not me, lol), and we’ve been very busy with that alongside regular classwork.
Skits are next Thursday and Friday (vacation starts that Friday evening/Saturday), and report cards are supposed to be finished, or nearly finished by then too.  (Almost finished!  yay!  I should finish them by this Friday).  We’re also having Christmas parties next week.  Also off on Tuesday for Christmas.  Busy busy!

In my life outside school:
I was planning on going to another orphanage to visit (with a group) and bring holiday cheer this weekend, but not sure now.  I went last week and it was really nice.  I loved feeling like I was part of something important, and it was nice to bring some joy to those kids’ lives.  I wanted to go to the second orphanage this weekend, but I’m also working on getting proper tango shoes.
My class is on Monday, and I found a place in Seoul that has shoes, but I can’t make it up there during the week…and they’re closed on Sundays.
I sent them an email getting more information, so I might end up doing that instead since I don’t have any other time to get it done.

Also, I’m attending a Christmas party on Saturday, which is hosted by the language cafe where I participate in language exchange.
Then I was planning on going to Seoul (ugh…again..two days in a row…so much wasted money on travel) on Sunday with a friend.

Monday:  work and tango and Christmas party at my friend’s apartment
Tuesday: CHRISTMAS!  and going to a Yiruma concert with a friend 😀 😀  So excited for this.  I’ve loved him even while I was back in America.
Yiruma & Kim Bum Soo–‘Grown Up Christmas List’
Yiruma–‘River Flows in You’
Yiruma–‘Kiss the Rain’

Yiruma is actually from South Korea, so I think it’ll be fun to see him live in his home country. And it’s a holiday show.  🙂

then Wednesday-Friday we have classes again (with the Christmas parties and skits)
then….Saturday I leave for


So excited!  I’m going to the island of Cebu for 5 days!  yay!!

You know you’re a kindergarten teacher when…

*your brain thinks up classroom decorating ideas and bulletin board themes in its down time.  (Or basically…anytime outside direct classroom time…when I COULD be thinking of other things…or relaxing.  No.  My brain doesn’t remember how to shut off anymore.)

Sidenote: I did think up a cool bulletin board idea earlier that I’m really proud of.  haha  🙂  I’m thinking of doing a Starry Night of ABCs theme.  ha.  I’m sick of looking at the current bulletin board which has a bunch of alphabet trains on it.
This one will just be a dark background with some trees or something at the bottom, and the alphabet letters (in yellow) mixed in with some stars and the moon.

Ooh!  And I could print out some pictures of some little girls and have them “stargazing” up at the ABCs…

I love myself some days.  This sounds brilliant.  😛

Too bad report cards are due soon and I have to do those instead.
OH…AND..I still haven’t finished that TEFL course.  I have less than a month to do it, so that’s (and school) partially why I don’t update as frequently these days.  (DMZ post is coming!)
The TEFL course is a teaching certification course.  I’m doing mine online and it’s um..involved.  It takes ages to even get one lesson done, especially since I’m so tired after a full day of classes.
However, I did pay for it…it’s not required to have one to teach here, but you can get paid more, and hey, it might look good in the future too.
I just basically need to suck it up and get it over with :-/

In other news, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL here.  Apparently this is what Spring is supposed to be like.  Who knew it wasn’t supposed to be 95 degrees and humid and then snowing the next day.  (ie: back home)  ha 🙂

That’s all for now…adios!

Also, you know you’re a kindergarten teacher when:
*You seem to have the alphabet stuck in your head more often than not
*You’re very familiar with the tune to Elmo’s World…and this also gets stuck in your head.

I also just needed to talk about how hard my life is here…just for one quick second.
My phone bill is $28 this month.  (AHHH!!! hahaaha.  How cool.)  It’s actually only that low because I just signed up and this isn’t even a full month’s bill.  But hey, have to celebrate the small stuff.  🙂


Yayyyy!! (and wow!)  I hit 100 views 🙂

I should make a list for how many things I’ve bought/needed to buy for this as well..similar to the To-Do-List-of-Epic-Proportions…
Anyway, just bought a CD/DVD case to store some of my movies that I plan on bringing over with me.  Definitely not going to squeeze in a bunch of cases, so this will do.
Also bought an external hard-drive for my laptop.  I need to get all the music files and pictures off my PC so I can put them on my laptop.  Hopefully I can get this done at some point tonight…

My mom and brother said they’ll take my computer desk off my hands too, which is wonderful 🙂  Good for them and good for me.

Visa still hasn’t arrived…starting to get nervous…
I’ll call them Monday if it’s not here by then :-/

Having a mini-going away party/shin-dig tomorrow with some friends.  Not really a party though because I’m terrible at hosting that sort of thing, and because it’s a lot of effort to organize something when I’m already so overwhelmed (and exhausted) with other stuff.  Just going ice skating and out for dinner/drinks/etc.

My last day of work on the 11th can’t seem to get here fast enough.  I’m just so worn down.  I’ll be really glad to get the extra 40 hours put back into my week…

And you’ll have to excuse the scatterbrained-ness of my posts…my head seems to be in 4000 places at once, and it’s nice to be able to cover everything just like this.  Nice quick updates. 🙂 ha.
worked 7-4
errands til now–6pm  (Goodwill, Target, Bestbuy)
make dinner
work on switching over files
re-do unit 8 from my TEFL course–messed up a few sections..ugh.
RELAX.  I hope.  I feel like the circles under my eyes are becoming a permanent fixture.  lol.

Kickboxing in the AM
Go to Starbucks or the like and work on TEFL Unit 9
Out with friends for my going-away thing

Work 12-8:30

Work 7-4
Call on Visa?!?!?! 😦
Workout class with Groupon
Dinner//TEFL Unit 9 (if not complete)

Also need to get that car lock fixed at some point…

No one said it would be easy. Just that it would be worth it in the end.

Keep on keepin’ on.