Feeling a bit anxious/nervous because none of the penpal letters have made it to their recipients in the US yet.  I have 3 different envelopes out and still waiting on all three of them.  I sent them 2 weeks ago, so I’m not sure why they’re taking this long.  They’re just letters 😦  There are about 50-70 students waiting on these letters…c’mon postal service, c’mon! 😦

One More Thing

I had a nice talk/vent with my aunt on the phone last night and was able to get a lot of my frustrations out…and as I told her, it feels a bit like I have a weight on my shoulders that I can’t seem to shake off.  
Another thing that’s on my mind is stuff with work.
Culture Differences + Gossipy/Bitchy Co-Workers + Minimal Vacation + Incompetence = No Fun.

I like my classes well enough, it’s just the work environment itself.
We got a new owner back in January and it’s had its ups and downs, but as long as I get paid on time and the school doesn’t get shut down, then I’m a pretty easy-going person, I’d like to think.
However, the Korean teachers (minus 1 of them who seems pretty mellow) and now the other 3 foreign teachers (1 not as much) talk SO MUCH SMACK on this guy.
I mean, no one is perfect, and he certainly isn’t, but I think he’s trying.
It’s just so wearing.  The negativity.  
Like, as soon as he leaves the room, they start in on him.  One Korean girl and 2 foreigners in particular.

It’s just crazy.  And half the time, I’m wondering if they’re hearing the words that are coming out of their mouths.  
I’ve pretty much stopped talking and zone out or leave the room during it because it just makes me so angry.  The Korean girl seems to really like drama and gossip anyway because she initiates most of it, but the foreigners are pretty good people.  
I wonder how much of this is brought on because we work so much and just…stress-overload/exhaustion.

Either way, it’s just so tiring…day in and day out.
And especially now that the owner has been coming in more often.

I’ve stuck up for him a few times, but they give me crazy looks and just brush my comments away.  So, I’ve just resorted to keeping out of it.

So much drama.  😦

And Finally…


Yayyyy!! (and wow!)  I hit 100 views 🙂

I should make a list for how many things I’ve bought/needed to buy for this as well..similar to the To-Do-List-of-Epic-Proportions…
Anyway, just bought a CD/DVD case to store some of my movies that I plan on bringing over with me.  Definitely not going to squeeze in a bunch of cases, so this will do.
Also bought an external hard-drive for my laptop.  I need to get all the music files and pictures off my PC so I can put them on my laptop.  Hopefully I can get this done at some point tonight…

My mom and brother said they’ll take my computer desk off my hands too, which is wonderful 🙂  Good for them and good for me.

Visa still hasn’t arrived…starting to get nervous…
I’ll call them Monday if it’s not here by then :-/

Having a mini-going away party/shin-dig tomorrow with some friends.  Not really a party though because I’m terrible at hosting that sort of thing, and because it’s a lot of effort to organize something when I’m already so overwhelmed (and exhausted) with other stuff.  Just going ice skating and out for dinner/drinks/etc.

My last day of work on the 11th can’t seem to get here fast enough.  I’m just so worn down.  I’ll be really glad to get the extra 40 hours put back into my week…

And you’ll have to excuse the scatterbrained-ness of my posts…my head seems to be in 4000 places at once, and it’s nice to be able to cover everything just like this.  Nice quick updates. 🙂 ha.
worked 7-4
errands til now–6pm  (Goodwill, Target, Bestbuy)
make dinner
work on switching over files
re-do unit 8 from my TEFL course–messed up a few sections..ugh.
RELAX.  I hope.  I feel like the circles under my eyes are becoming a permanent fixture.  lol.

Kickboxing in the AM
Go to Starbucks or the like and work on TEFL Unit 9
Out with friends for my going-away thing

Work 12-8:30

Work 7-4
Call on Visa?!?!?! 😦
Workout class with Groupon
Dinner//TEFL Unit 9 (if not complete)

Also need to get that car lock fixed at some point…

No one said it would be easy. Just that it would be worth it in the end.

Keep on keepin’ on.


I’m getting a bit frustrated with this whole process honestly.  Sure, I’m excited to go over there and teach (or attempt/try my damndest to teach), but I’m getting into so much debt.  Laptop, visa fees, costs of mailing off various forms via FedEx, driving around to different places to have things stamped or signed, copies of things here and there…and the latest, now I get to pay $300+ to get my car door fixed/replaced so I can sell my car.
Ideally, I’d make enough money off selling my car to cover the remainder that I owe.  That car is in great condition (I baby my cars, ha), except that last year some [insert a not-so-nice-word here] broke into my car when I had it parked downtown.  The lock is messed up (still locks and unlocks, but you can’t use the key to do so), the window works (had the glass replaced)….but the frame is bent around the window (prob used a screwdriver or something).  Anyway…I never got it fixed because, to me, it was a minor inconvenience…well, and I don’t have $300+ laying around.
I didn’t even have anything in the car at the time of the break-in! Nothing lying around tempting them to screw up my stuff so they could steal from me.  Nothing was in there.  And now, here I am, a year later having to suffer the consequences of…their actions.  Kthanks.

Just really frustrated at how expensive this is getting.  Granted, I can pay it off once I get there, but I’m just annoyed that a lot of my debt has all appeared BECAUSE of this process of going overseas.

It will be worth it.  It will be worth it.  And repeat.

I think a lot of this stress is coming from the (large) practical part of my brain.  I’m usually very punctual with paying bills and have learned over the years how to live within my means, and this whole process is well..the complete opposite.  I’m spending more than I make (all for good reason) and going out more than normal (because I know I won’t be seeing my friends/family for a year, so I’m trying to make the most of it)…and it’s pretty much the opposite of how I’ve basically been training myself to live since I was 16.
I just have to be patient and know that it WILL all be worth it in the end.
Keep calm and carry on.  As they say…

Btw.  34 days.

To-Do List

Korea Departure Checklist
*talk to bank about paying bills from abroad  (might just transfer money to and from my US account and my Korean acct…)
*Power of Attorney??
*Make copies of all important documents (birth certificate, visa documents, credit cards)
*Doctor Appts–or waste of money?? (dentist)
*trinkets from the US for the kiddies?
*IRS form-“don’t tax me–I’m leaving the country” form
*Transfer music from desktop to laptop
*COMPLETE TEFL COURSE (GET IT DONE.)-Lesson 8/20 currently.  Ugh.  So time-consuming.
*Shop: make sure to get everything that I’ll need that I can’t get (or is too expensive/hard to find) to get there.  (Casual Shoes)
*Make packing list (1/16.  Done.  Um..I get how many suitcases??)
*Get second copy of background check and have it apostilled.  Ugh.  (Change in policy–so I now need a second copy of this.  Takes a few weeks to get it done)
*storage unit: research and pick one
*Put car up for sale (LM)
*clean out car//detailed (LM)
*Contact body shop and have car door repaired/fixed (??)
*Contact Sprint–Cancel phone contract? Hold?  Then set a date.
*Cancel: Utilities, internet, car insurance (LM)
*Final Rent Payment (and how much?)
*Donate stuff that isn’t going to storage//CONSOLIDATE (yay!) (LM)
*Send Visa Application ASAP (1/16)
*Call bank (and credit card)–let them know I’m leaving the country (again :-P)  (LM)
*Scrub down appt and get it ready for inspection (LM)
*Organize moving day (LM…kinda??)
*MOVE everything that I want to keep to storage unit (LM)
*Massage (LM)

I think that’s it…

LM= last minute.  That’s the stuff that I pretty much can’t really do til toward the end.  I reall think I’m forgetting stuff…but either way, it’s nice to have it all written out.

Departure Date is Feb 20…So, if I look tired, this is probably why.

Oh, my regular to-do list:
laundry (1/16)
-take down Christmas stuff
clean apt (1/17)
clean off desk (1/17)
wash all the salt/snow/etc. off car (1/16)
-get Taxes done ASAP…as soon as W-2 is available!!
oil change
take cookies in to work instead of eating them. 😛 (1/16)
change out windshield wipers (add fluid if needed). (1/16)

And I work 40 hours a week.  And trying to exercise…ugh.

My brain is going to explode.

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt