All of my classes have diaries and we write about different prompts (“finish the story”, tell me about a time when…, What is your favorite season, etc.). Today, I did one with my younger kids and had them tell me about their mom.  I gave them the sentences but left blanks (rare) for them to fill in.
Most of them were adorable and one girl said she thought it was fun (to write about her mom).  Just things like her favorite color, likes and dislikes, etc.

Then…one girl wrote “My mom doesn’t like         me       and      giving me hugs           .”
God, my heart was going to break open.  I learned later from the woman at the front desk who interacts more with the parents that this mom is pretty strict and yells a lot.  I feel so horrible for this girl.  It’s a fairly small class of 10 (7 on MWF) and I feel like I have a general idea about them, but wow, I just wanted to scoop her up (She’s about 7) and give her a big hug.  I don’t know if that crosses any sort of lines, and I’m sure it does, but just heart-wrenching.
Extra love all around tomorrow.  I love all those babies like they were my own.  😦

Another girl said that her mom doesn’t like her dad, which was a wee bit awkward, but otherwise all of the responses were pretty standard.  “My mom doesn’t like cleaning/washing windows/etc”

Anyway, just wanted to share.
Lots of rain tonight so I’m off to have a wonderfully deep sleep.  😀