Long Day…

And then there’s days like this…

I guess, as with any job, you have the rough points too.  I enjoy teaching for the most part, and getting to be creative, but I’ve just been feeling very worn/burnt out for awhile and…then had a day like today which just made me crave a break/vacation/going home/etc. 

I found out that our school is taking back our one laptop ( logical reasons here: _______________)  Right.  There are none.  
There’s a bit of backstory, but I don’t really feel like getting into it right now, but basically, a lot of decisions here aren’t made based on logic and reason…and it frustrates the heck out of me.  I like logic, planning, order, organization, etc…and it’s very interesting trying to adapt.  Trying my best.

Anyway, there was that and then all of my students seemed to be super wild and they seemed to have lost any/all ability to pay attention or take any sort of direction.  Topped with a headache.

I just got off work, showered and am already in my pajamas…and it’s 5 minutes til 8pm.  lol.
I also need/want to get to the store so I can buy a lighter for my candles…then going to de-stress by having pancakes for dinner and watching a Christmas movie.  
I also wouldn’t mind having a bit of wine, but I don’t have any, and the store is about a 10 minute walk…and it’s cold. 

2 days til the weekend.  2 days til the weekend.
Well..1.5 because elementary classes are cancelled Friday…thankfully.
I also had 10 classes today…enough to wear anyone out, I suppose.  They’re only 35 minutes, but they do take a toll.  :-/